My boss missed today's Staffbash - he took 3 days off this week. Consequently, there was a new policy distributed about when and how we can take time off. I haven't read it yet. I'm sure it will piss me off. I figure that I'm the most likely to be affected, since I have a kid and am sometimes called upon to be out suddenly. And I plan to be out suddenly next week so that I can go with my child on a school trip. I'm sure there will be repercussions. But I've decided that I refuse to invest emotionally in this bitch of a place, and will merely ride the wave till it crashes on the shore. Then I'll relax as the surf tumbles me around, and eventually I'll wash up on a beach someplace with sand in my mouth and the crack of my ass. Hopefully my bathing suit won't have come awry and I won't be flashing boobage, but whatever the case I'll pick myself up, brush off as much sand as I can and stalk with dignity back to my blanket.

And then I'll figure out what's next.

For right now, the rent is paid on time for the second month in a row, and I get to watch Heroes and the Sopranos thanks to Direct TV, and hopefully I'll pay a little on my student loans and I can update my wardrobe.

The BigKahuna cut the "general" part of the meeting about 20 minutes short, so that she could combine meetings. She needed to discuss the Dean's annual report, you see. Typically, a designer would be in on *some* portion of the meeting, but since none of the current graphic designers on this "team" have anything to do with the report, we were excused. That meant myself, my co-designer, the web coordinator and a staff writer. It would have meant my boss, as well, had he been here. So I was glad he wasn't. The rest of the meeting -- some 15 people-- all stayed. Including the web design team, which apparently are the ones overseeing the design that will be farmed out to the outside design company.

In the meantime, I'm being paid to update my blog, so I shall! Though I do have another project I need to finish.

Today, the Sun's karate sensei--along with his brother--will be opening the doors on a new dojo. New uniforms - royal blue with a yellow logo on the back - were distributed. It definitely lent a new air of formality. The Sun was thrilled. It was funny that the room seemed much fuller with 4 kids in blue gis, than it does with 4 kids in white gis. Color is amazing. Anyway; while the new dojo is great for Sensei and his brother, it is MASSIVELY inconvenient to us. And it's in a part of Westchester that brings back bad memories. The Sun's dad used to live on that side of town when I first met him. When we first broke up officially, and the Order of Protection was in effect, I used to get the willies whenever my friends or sis would drive up that way for whatever reason. But it's getting better. Tonight, the Sun really wants to be there for the opening, and while we probably can't make the actual class, we will try very hard to get up there for presence. The things we do for our children...

I really need to get back to my Tales of La Vida Low Budget, but I've some pictures I've got to scan. They add to the story. And I have to tell you all about how the Voices turned on me the other day, as they do sometimes. I almost wrote about it Saturday, when it happened, but then I figured I might scare some people. But now, what the hay. You can tell me whether I'm just psychotic or whether it happens to you, too. But I'll do that later. Right now the "team" is back and so I must go and do some real busy work.


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