People Suck.

They really do. Some don't, of course, and I try to be friends with those. And in turn, I try to live my life to the best of my ability, so that people won't lump me in with the generic sucky population, though I do have my tendencies. But I try.

Part of the reason the Staffbash left such a bad taste in my mouth yesterday was due to something that happened before the meeting began. I got to the meeting early, because its "on campus", and "campus" is closer to Sun's school than my actual workplace. So The Sun and I were late to school and work, but that made me early for my 10A meeting so I stuck around campus. I was there as people began to file in. The BigKahuna is ALWAYS fashionably late so there is usually small chatter until she "sashayChante"'s in.

On the cover of a local free newspaper was a story about how this woman is suing the Mets baseball team, because she was at a game in April, and a 300lb drunk man fell on her and broke her back. (Why she's not suing the man, dunno.) The Vampire was reading the story, and starts a little chatter with one of her supervisors, who is pretty obviously gay. And they start saying things along the lines of not letting fat people in, or not sitting close to fat people at the game, and the Littlegayman had the *audacity* to say "well maybe they should charge them for two seats like the airlines want to do". Now, he in particular may have intended his comment as sarcasm, but the Vampire certainly wasn't being sarcastic. And what pissed me off is their co-worker was sitting right next to them, and she's definitely morbidly obese. There are some big people who just look "bigboned" but she doesn't, and she's not *overly* self conscious generally, but as her co-workers continued their conversation she started to get quiet... and she's a big baseball fan so it's a conversation she started out being in. She's also a really sweet generous person, who goes out of her way to offer to pick things up for them when she does her snack runs, or brings them coffee, and rarely makes them pay her back.

I was livid. It was on the tip of my great big tongue to say "maybe they shouldn't let gay people or Black people in" but instead I merely said "Maybe they should stop serving alcohol at baseball games" which really, is the obvious solution. They SHOULDN'T serve beer at games because people suck. So people giggled, and The Fan jumped back into the conversation to say really, if there wasn't beer at games, how would you pass the time? The conversation sort of veered off in another direction, thankfully, until that Vampire Bitch brought it back to it's starting point!!!! Amazing. Seriously; there are very few people in the world I can't stand... Diana Ross being one of them because she sucks, IMO, but the Vampire Bitch is a close second. And I now have to work very closely with her because of this friggin' newsletter.

I shall now quote Depeche Mode:

" I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours
But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor
And when I die I expect to find Him laughing"

Cuz He is obviously getting some giggles out of my life.


LilacBlue80 said…
Wow! People really do suck! Alright, not all of them such as yourself and I will go out of my way to be around people such as yourself. Your vampire b***h boss sucks, there no doubt about that. But don't let the sucky people in the world get you down. I'm a firm believe in karma and it's bound to come back her way some day. In any event I'm sorry that your co-worker had to be around for that conversation.
Julie said…
Well, you know I tend to be a little bit more optimistic about people - but in this case you're right - those folks suck. I actually think they must have some major insecurties that they're so focused on it has them blind to the rest of the world. But you know fat people are the new "n-words" - most people have no problem putting them down. If I knew how to put a link in here, I'd link you to what I wrote on my blog last night about "fatism."
LilacBlue80 said…
Oh I just read about your train ride to yonkers and wow, poor Sun. Yeah I know what it's like.. I used to have to take that train in JHS from washington heights down to 110th street so I know exactly what poor little man went through. Oh by the way "Fat Lady" if someone clicks on your name they automatically go to your profile and can find your blog from there... just in case you were wondering.
The Bear Maiden said…
You know, duh, it never occurred to me to follow the link to FatLady's blog, even though I knew who it was ;). And I don't know that I agree with everything about fat being the "new" n-word... first of all, "ignant" folks find a way to make fun of *anybody* and always have, and *anybody* not like them in any way is fair game. And secondly, I really think it depends on the way you look at things. There's a video floating around YouTube of some rather large ladies doing some serious dancing. And let me tell you... I hardly think they think they are discriminated against. In fact, they are damn proud of themselves...

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