So I hung out with my friend LilacBlue, and my other friends the Married Couple and my Future Design Partner, to celebrate LilacBlue's *27*th Birthday. The kids were there, too.

I convinced her and FDP to do a few shots of tequila, and it was funny to see one half of the Married Couple get Giggly by Proxy.

I mentioned earlier that it took me some time to amass a small collection of friends who "get me", and this crew is part of that bunch. I "get them", too. I highly recommend it; if you don't have friends.... GO GET SOME!

Afterwards I had zero success trying to make some alternative plans.


Beyond frustrated. I really need my own thing cuz this is just not working for me.

I went instead to meet up with my sister at her friend's house, where they had been watching the De La Hoya fight. And then I came home. And played on the computer. A *far, far* cry from my former life. What has happened to me? I guess I became a mom. And on top of that, BADmommy moment; I completely forgot about calling the Sun to say "goodnight"... although I know he was at the Moon's house, and he has his cell phone so if he wanted to, he could have called me. But this is the first time I have *ever* not thought about him for a period of time. I think, honestly, that it was because I was hanging out with the parents of all of his classmates, and since he's usually with them when I'm with them, I didn't even think about the fact that he wasn't there. But I still feel bad...

My apartment is still a wreck. I guess I should go to bed...


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