Memorial Day

It ain't just about barbecue, you know. Or sales on washing machines.

I never cared much about the importance of the holiday until my girl went into the army. She went in as a 30-something single mother of two kids during peace time, to help pay off student loans and give her kids a life.

Guess where she ended up?

She finally told them that if they didn't let her out she was going to go crazy and do something ugly. They let her out. But she was in for a loooong time; six years I think. We had been supertight as kids; we met when I was about 13 or 14, and she's about 2 years younger than me. It was sis and I, and her and another chick. We were thicker than thieves. In our late teens/early '20s we had some drama and some fights and lines were drawn and since for me, blood comes first I ended up not speaking to her for probably 20 years. But neither sis nor I ever replaced those girls as "Homegirl". Sistercousin. But when she went into the army, she reached out, came to visit, made an effort to repair the friendship, and so we did. The other friend, well, it's not repaired yet and I wonder if it ever will, though Homegirl has kept in contact so we at least know what's up the other one.

On leave one year from Baghdad, she came home to visit and went looking for her old boyfriend. Next thing you know Homegirl and Old Boyfriend have eloped, and he held her down and kept her girls and became "daddy" during the two years the army sent her ass back to Baghdad. And she's been out about 2 years and says very little about it. Every so often she does, and I'm so thankful that she survived. It's worse than they are telling you over there, particularly if you're female.

So today I called her, and I'm notorious about not calling people but I was suddenly overcome by the need to tell her how glad I was that she was home. Because so many of our friends and family are not coming home from a war that is supposedly over. I am so not in favor of this war and the situation that this country is in... but I never for a moment fault the soldiers that are over there, or the fact that they believe in what they're doing. They should; they have to. It's the only way they can do their job well and hope to come home in one piece.
The Fat Lady and the Bull and LilacBlue and their kids came up to eat. Shoefly even came and hung out. The MarriedCouple (hmmm, maybe they are "ChipNDale" or "HeckleNJeckle" cuz it's rare you say one name without the other... and they roll deep which is just the best thing ever to see... it gives a chick like me hope that there is such a thing as a functional and loving relationship) were supposed to try to come, but apparently got waylaid in Brooklyn.

But we had a great time. And I love that my freinds don't get "put out" or nervous when I get stressed and snappy, and can handle the horde that is my family and Mima and get along with Shoefly. So I ended up having a few Coronas and some good food and a really good time. And I hope they all did, too.

Mima's on a cane, recovering from knee surgery, which I hate. But I've faith she'll heal well. Poppy didn't come cuz he had dialysis so it turned out The Bull and Perpetual Motion were the only men to come over until the Moon's dad stopped by after work. Well, that and the Sun and the Moon. Incidentally, the Moon plays very well with Ladybug and MamasGirl, which is great since they'll hopefully all be in the same school next year.

The Bull gave me the *great* idea to "weatherize" my futon sofa and put it out on the deck, which I really am going to do. I think it will last another few years out there, especially if I cover it in bad weather. So YAY!!!! Soon as I get the money I can get my sofa!

Question is... sofa or tattoo????

As for Obsessions... they were manageable today. Still there, but manageable.


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