It's 4AM

And my bed hasn't been slept in. I just needed to say that.

Tomorrow I'll have (wait, in a few hours) to post what's causing it... mainly IFKALP though I realized that my little obsession was keeping me from obsessing on him. (I managed to shut that off, today, which was kind of cool... obsessing). But now I have to deal with IFKALP.

Well, I'm going to bed now. See you in a few.


LilacBlue80 said…
GO TO BED NOW! Luv ya...
Julie said…
Both of you need to start sleeping at night!!!! I have been and it works wonders.
professor said…
much of your psycosis is derived from sleep deprivation. In children sleep deprivation can present as ADHD, PDD, and in more severe cases autism. Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, OCD, hallucinations, and never seeming to get off dead center.
GET YOUR ASS IN BED...the big issues don't seem as big after a good nights sleep.
Job said…
what has stupidhead i mean IFKALP done now???? hope you got to get some sleep...
Anonymous said…
You sound crazy. IFKALP is a zombie disease?

Is this because you've had no sleep or because you are a Bear Maiden?

I know voodoo
who do?
i do!
you do?

so i can help you with zombie problems. You need BRAINS!
lots of them.

Try eating people.

I think that it seems obvious to me that the only thing that connects the different phases of your life is the fact that you are living it.

Were you grown in a vat last week?

Was I?

I found this page by typing "It's 4am" into google. Because it is

I am going nuts

but i don't have my own blog.

But loook! i can post in yours!

Why do you like heroes?
I have not seen it yet
does the man explode?

Hip Hop is terrible. It destroys peoples heads. It's not as bad as zombies though.

If i was a transformer i'd drive down to the 7/11 and get me a pie.

I'm scared of bears.



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