Every Day In May #12

So, FrenchToastGirl did say it was OK if the pieces sucked, so long as we did one, right? Well, I'm not happy with this AT ALL, but I did do it and it was suggested that I post in anyhow.

It was very rushed; the kids were on their last ride at Rye Playland and the park was closing, and I didn't get to color it in till the next morning. But here it is.

And I didn't do one yesterday. I was too busy creating salad.


Julie said…
Well, you don't have to love it or even like it. What matters is that you did it and that you shared it. I think sharing even work you think is crappy is important. Personally, I like it. No, it's not your best work. But it shows that one of your strongest talents is also one of your most consistent talents. I love looking at these works of yours that are of places/things I've seen. You make me see them from a whole new angle, which makes them come even more alive for me. I know that, thanks to your sketch, the next time I'm at Rye that ferris wheel is going to jump out at me. Thanks!!!

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