Staffbash and Newsletter

Ugh. The only reason the Staffbash wasn't too painful was because us designers "could leave" when they got to the good stuff; you know--designing the annual report, what the newsletter looks like, etc.

Instead we got to vote on (or rather "second" BigKahuna's vote) the what the next color should be for the newsletter. Then we got to listen to her drone on and on about shit that has absolutely nothing to do with us. I seriously wonder what she thinks we're supposed to be doing. Or if she wants us to quit. Or if she intends on firing us.

But, as I said... I'm gonna ride this wave till it dumps me on the shore. The one thing that bothers me is I really wanted this job to be something that would help keep me from being lazy. I had visions of having lots of projects that I could work on, and it would teach me to stay focused and how to multitask effectively. Instead, I get to practice what I do best; be a procrastinatin' lazy beeatch.

And the newsletter sucks. It is very slowly reverting back to it's boring, junky, boxes-and-lines-having former self. Only this time in garish colors that have nothing to do with a hospital. And people who have no design background are dictating things like "air" in places where there really shouldn't be any. It sucks.


On the good foot though, I just heard from my Pratt classmate, who left town to go be a married mom. She's back visiting. Hi, there you all!!!

And by the way, I'm coming up out of the doldrums; the crazy voices are quieting and the happy ones are chattering away like old friends. Still some stuff I have to deal with; decisions to make.... but for now it's good.


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