A Song For Wednesday

I ran into Fat Lady (who is so not fat-- when I think "fat" I think of those people who have no shape or definition, of which I know several. Fat Lady doesn't fit into that category, but I recognize that it's got more to do with how one sees themselves in comparison to something else. But it bugs me that that's how she refers to herself.) this morning dropping the kids off at school. MamasGirl was stressing because she was late, and Fat Lady was reassuring her that in the end, it's not as big a deal as it was being made out to be.

Not that lateness--and chronic lateness--isn't a problem. But as someone who is *chronically* late for everything and am always being "spoken to" and once even fired indirectly because of it--there are just some people who don't like to be held to rigid standards like that. So I told MamasGirl that matter of fact, *I* was late and I was OK with it. She looked at me balefully and went on her way. I don't think she believed me.

Which leads me to comment on the differences between boys and girls. At this age, the differences in the way The Sun and various other boys and girls in his class handle things is becoming apparent. Personality has a lot to do with it, of course but I am beginning to notice that little girls stress *so much more* over the technicality of things like rules and procedures than little boys of the same age. A little girl will debate the reasoning behind the difference between 8:20 (not late) and 8:21 (late), but little boys don't. Not in the same way. I was definitely more girly in my "absoluteness" of rule-following until I had a little boy. Watching him negotiate the "no's" of life made me realize that at least half of the world is not stressing over technicalities. You tell him "no" and he'll either blink or fight you, depending on how important it is to him, but he'll go on with his life. A little girl on the other hand will reason you to death about why you said "no", why you *shouldn't* have said "no" to her and all the various reasons you should change your mind about it. I'm not sure my thoughts are very clear on this yet... but there's definitely a difference. Cuz the Sun was late this morning also, but wasn't all that concerned about it.

Anway. Fat Lady was teasing me about having song lyrics for Wednesday... and I laughed cuz I don't know any! I found some Tori Amos lyrics thanks to Google... but I don't know the song myself so I can't quote it (OK, see? I am a girl about some things). I'll have to find it and download it. But that's why this post is titled "A Song For Wednesday". Since I'm at work I can't post my song for the day, but it is Queen's "I want it all". I'll have to put it up later.

"I want it all I want it all I want it all and I want it now"

Within the last 24 hours, I came *this close* to getting what I want, but was thwarted by distance. Crap. Gjyshi Nanen. *This freakin close*. So now, what was smoldering coals is white hot fire. Fungul' . Oh well. The bad part it renews my obsession to triumph.
Haven't drawn anything in days. ALTHOUGH, I actually have been working on a brochure for the hospital's CME course. In secret, since we're not allowed to work on anything. I had to take it home, and am literally falling asleep over it but it's coming out OK. So I have been creating. I also did some preliminary sketches for a logo redesign for a freind, but haven't posted them till the idea is more certain. So technically (see, there's that girl thing again) I haven't really broken the "Every Day in May" thing.
When I succumbed to MySpace, I did it for two reasons... one ties into that whole "claiming" issue I have going, but the other is I had a friend at Pratt who I LOVE. I told you, I'm all about the crazies and the people in mental distress, and this kid had it in spades. But he's like my favorite little brother and I love him to death and how his crazy mind works (and I've told him to his face he was crazy, and he was OK with it.) I knew he had a MySpace page, and I found him there. Go check it out. I think his art is amazing. Sometimes "bloody", sometimes disturbing, but always amazing. You may have to request him as a friend in order to see it, though. Tell him you're a friend of The Bear Maiden.
I made contact with a tat artist last night, thanks to LittleSensei and his bro. Turns out the guy is local to me... and operating freelance so my tat may become a reality very soon. I'm trying to convince Sis that it's time for hers. Tatguy said sometimes he'll come to your house.... wouldn't that be cool? I told sis that would be my present to her.


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