Where Do I Begin....

I'll try starting with yesterday, the last day of school. My Sun is now officially a 3rd grader. No more little baby, no more toddler. No more "little kid". He's a big kid now. His face is getting longer, his teeth bigger. His shoulders are broadening and his back is getting that rounded look teenage boys have. His feet are growing. He's becoming more aware of himself in relationship to people. He gave himself a "street name". I laughed; I asked him was he going to start writing it in grafitti letters? but he hasn't quite gotten there yet.

He got a great report card (which I need to scan and send to his father). He did well this year, flourishing under his teacher V, and his math teacher, L. V is much more "bohemian" and earthy, lots of beautiful hair and bosoms and butt, and the little boys adore her. She is a "flip flop" sandal. L is a little more uptight, more controlled and precise; more like a Keen sandal. The girl mommies seemed to have more of an issue with L than with V, but L was pretty good for the Sun, because he needs order and precision. But he loved V. And on the whole, now that it's over, I think the year worked out well for him. Early on I was concerned that his handwriting took a nosedive, he forgot how to spell simple words he already knew... but by the end of the year his handwriting had improved a little, and his spelling got better. But he excelled in math. And most importantly, he practiced his thinking skills, and found confidence in his voice. This means more to me than technical skills, because even in my own life I've found people learn the "technicals" at their own pace. But not everyone learns to think. And I think the world is in great trouble because we don't know how to think anymore.... we're all so busy focusing on the "technicals".

This summer, he'll have violin camp for a week, and karate camp at the end of July, and I have to figure out how to get him to Yonkers for his regular Karate lessons.

(I do need to learn how to drive.... but I can't afford it right now; I need to get my apartment comfortable again. And I get annoyed that people are quick to tell me to learn to drive, but "I don't teach" or "I don't lend my car" or whatever else... so... if I'm to learn I have to do it on my own. Which sucks. But I'll get there eventually. In the meantime, it's carpooling and the MTA for me!)


As you can see from my Current Obsession, I've been focused on organizing and re-vamping my space. I've lived in this apartment 8 years this summer. This is about the longest that I have *ever* lived in one place. Certainly the longest I've ever lived in one apartment.
  • Ages birth - 2: Riverdale, NY; Geneseo, NY; Bronx, NY
  • Ages 2 - 3.5: Paris, France
  • Ages 3.5 -8; Hope Road, Kingston Jamaica; Montgomery Avenue, Kingston Jamaica
  • Ages 8 -9: 12 different places in Kingston Jamaica
  • Ages 9- 12: Bull Bay, Jamaica
  • Ages 12-13: Various Pit stops from Miami to Chicago to NYC
  • Ages 13-19: 'Two-Five in Harlem, NY
  • Ages 19-21: Different apartment/same building on 'Two Five, Harlem NY
  • Ages 21- 22: Got married moved to Grand Concourse, Bronx NY
  • Age 22: Rat trap @ss apartment on W 142nd, Harlem, NY while I got unmarried
  • Age 23-25: Back on 'Two-Five, upstairs from the Professor, otherside of building from Big Bear
  • Ages 25-26: Palisades Park, NJ with a boy
  • Ages 26-29: River Edge, NJ - same boy
  • Ages 29-31: Moved out to the Rock, nice apartment on the corner, sans boy
  • Ages 31-34: Out on the Rock; nice apartment across the street from the corner I first moved to
  • 34-42: Present apartment. A record for "stability" is set!
But my apartment has pretty much looked exactly the same for most of it. I'd done such an elaborate paint job, I've been reluctant to change anything. And the paint job has pretty much held up... and I'm not sick of it either. The only place I was never able to change is the bathroom, cuz the landlord put wallpaper on the bottom half and it seems like such a HUGE job to get rid of it.

The furniture in the living room has only ever been re-arranged twice. So I'm definitely overdue for a major change. The red couch is it... but I've got stuff to do first, like drag the old one out to the deck. And the funds are way tight... but I've got to do this. Or I'll go nuts.


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