The Sun's Recital

I didn't bring a camera so this was taken with my Treo.

The Sun had his final recital of the school year this evening. He played "Perpetual Motion" and did *very* well. He said he was nervous, which is the firs time that's really happened. He was so earnest about it though. My little peanut... we fought so much and so hard for most of his home practices, I have seriously wondered if it was worth it.

He's going to Violin camp the first week in July, and then I think I'm going to give him a violin break until school starts. I don't want him to "burn out" and quit.


Fat Lady said…
I'm so proud of the Sun. You know he is becoming a violin role model. MamasGirl was lamenting not getting private lessons because another classmate is moving up to be with Sun and she wants to join them. I told her that the reason the Sun and the other classmate are playing on that level is because they practice - that I know, for a fact, that the Sun practices A LOT. And that when she decides to practice, then I'll make sure she gets lessons too.

Next year, let us know when the Sun's recitals are so we can come. I think it will do MamasGirl good to see him perform, and I'd just love to be there, supporting his achievements.

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