Responsibility Sucks

I didn't go out last night. Went food shopping instead. I was so tired my food bill was $213. But I got food! I treated myself to a $12.00 can of Ackee. It was cheap; I've seen the can run as much as $20.00. Trust me, I won't be sharin' that with NO ONE.

I'm not going out tonight either. Sucks.

Although I'm not as responsible as I should be. My apartment is still a disaster.

Hey, the Sun can officially ride a bike now! This is big. He started last weekend, but this weekend he's pretty much wobble-free and only had a few spills. So I guess I should dust off my old Trek... maybe we can start riding our bikes to the beach. That would be cool... that is, if I'm wobble-free. I am definitely not the world's greatest bike-rider.

I'm cravin' sugar, dammit. But I'm still successfully controlling the obsession. Going out really would have helped...


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