What I Did Today

1.) Most of the clutter that was in my apartment (2 huge bags of clothes from me and the Sun, 2 pretty big bags of shoes, 1 large microwave, 2 boxes of video tapes, books, a box of toys and some misc computer peripherals--oh, and my Franklin Covey) got dropped off at Sun's school today, via the Professor. She drove me home last night and we packed her car, and today on her way home from work she came by and we unloaded it. My room felt immediately better last night, since all the bags were in there. So I'm on my way. Tomorrow is the Parent Association Rummage Sale (and Family Day) at the Sun's school, which is why all my junk is there.

2.) I got my nose pierced. I'd been thinking about it for a few years, actually, because Mima has one. But I was afraid it wouldn't look right. A few days ago the Fat Lady said she'd been thinking about it, and I told her so had I. Today, after unloading my stuff and sorting through other rummage stuff, she looked at me and said "wanna go?" So I pulled the Sun out of percussion practice (cuz I knew we'd never make it back in time--the teacher was *pissed* but the Sun was tired anyhow and was glad to escape) and we went down to the Village, to New York Adorned. We both picked out the smallest pins we were "allowed" to start with; hers is white gold and mine is yellow, and that was that. It's funny; I was a little nervous but I knew it wouldn't hurt as much or take as long as the Giant Tat, but it *did* make my eyes water. The first person I called to tell was Mima. She was thrilled.

I told Fat Lady hers looked like it had always been there, and the guy doing them said the same about me. It's a little sore... but I like it a lot. My father asked me what was I rebelling against? My mother answered "FBB", but the Fat Lady said it... "Age."

3.) Obviously I didn't go to work today. Didn't miss it. Fat Lady and LilacBlue and I drove over to Jersey to get supplies for our "Family Fun / Rummage Sale" tomorrow. We went to a craft store in Edgewater, and Target, and then had lunch in a "brooklyn" style pizzaria. It was sit down. Pizza was really good. We got back in time for the kid's dismissal. Oh, both LilacBlue and Ladybug have succumbed to the Fat Ladies need to change... they cut all their hair off. Me?-I'll stick with the nosepin.


Ros said…
So did you survive the rummage sale? I would have taken your microwave :-) Excellent on the nose ring. Did I post that I got my first tattoo? It didn't turn out to be ideal, but I'm good with it. Hurt like hell a few times (lower abdomen curving over one hipbone) and I kept wondering how you endured your huge one you just got -- and respecting you for it!! I like the nose piercing, I think those teeny studs look fantastic.
Jacqueline said…
show pics of the nose piercing!

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