I Seriously Need Some Smooth Sailin'

Got in to work this morning to find the latest in my little group's humiliation is that we have now been almost completely been excluded from the Staffbash. For practically everyone else, the meeting started at 10A. For us, my boss, my coworker and I, it started at 10:30, and we were only required to be there for 20 minutes. The hysterically funny part is that during the first part is when they go over the newsletter. The part we show up to? Webshit.

So us redheaded stepchildren (third tier) take the shuttle over at 10:15, and joined the 2nd tier folks so that we can walk into the meeting where the 1st tier people have been. One guy said "this is going to be awkward". I flashed my big-ass tat and said "I can do anything".

So we walk in and BigKahuna doesn't show up until 10 minutes later... and then keeps time so that we get kicked out 10 minutes later. 5 of which she spent discussing the various candidates that EVERYONE ELSE but us (the RHSC) has met.

So I drew this picture:

Right before I was leaving for the meeting, my friend in Geriatrics--for whom I had to sneak so that I could update a brochure for her--called me in a panic because there were some major screw ups in the brochure. Some... like the fact that it was printed on the wrong paper... were not my fault. But a big problem was that the color I'd picked was way blacker in print than it was when I picked it. And that's my fault... because I was rushing, I didn't verify the chip color with the file Pantone swatch, assuming that what I'd seen printed from another job was the same. However, the color also appeared to be printed full strength, and I had definitely specified a tint. No matter... it basically will come down on my ass, should it get to coming down on someone's ass. Particularly since I went behind my boss's back to do it.

Can't say it would be the *worst* thing to ever happen to me... getting fired over it. But I really need to stay here until end of July, because I really can't think about much of nuthin', I need to focus on getting through the trial (and that's hard, given my current obsessions) AND I've been "upgrading" my life (including replacing The Sun's cell phone with a plan of our own) and this leaves me in a pickle.

Fuckenshit, man. I just need some smooth sailing.


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