kind of ending was that on the Sopranos???? WTF? Did they all get wiped out? Did they go on to live happily ever after? Was it the guy who went into the bathroom? Did only Tony get it? Or did he rat? "Don't stop believin'" THAT WHAT????

ARGH! That was was a bigger disappointment than coitus interruptus!

In other news...

My good and trusted friend Shoefly was gave us a ride down to South Bronx High School this morning, where the Sun's tournament was. The flier said registration was at 8A, and I was stressed cuz I knew there's no way we could get there then. The Sun needs *some* sleep. We got there at nine. We were some of the earliest folks there...except for IFKALP who was already there waiting. (IFKALP has a new name... FBB. Maybe I'll explain why that's his name now, but mebbe not. But I will give you a clue: Watch an Austin Powers movie.)

Both Sensei's were there already, which was great. The Sun went off with his dad for a bit, and I sat by myself while the tournament started with board breaking. The the Professor came... which was *really* appreciated cuz I didn't have to sit by myself. A very cool thing about the Professor... she has a knack for keeping in touch with people unlike myself, who's usually so busy off in my head that I forget that I should call my freinds.

The Professor has kept in touch with an old Sensei of ours. She "texted" him as he was getting off work, told him about the tournament and he came up. It was actually *really* good to see him. I have always remembered his name and how I knew him, but I had forgotten his face-- you know how that happens? Somehow today it was really cool to see his face, to remember what it was like back then when I was 16 and thought I knew everything. I recognized him the minute he walked in.

In the meantime, The Sun's turn had come up in the Kata portion of the competition. He addressed the judges and began his Kata.

He did very well. And considering he was sort of top of the line-up, when the judges tend to be slightly stingy, he got a *great* score; two 6.0s and a 7.0. He was *very* proud.

We were proud. But even prouder when at the end of the section, they gave him 4th place! And he got a trophy! His first Karate trophy ever. I was jumping up and down... Auntie Professor was so proud, and FBB even smiled.

So then our Sensei came, and I took him down to meet The Sun's Senseis. Which meant I had to be closer to FBB who had taken up a position next to the Senseis. The Sun was about to start Kumite (sparring) so I stayed there next to the Senseis so I could take pictures. I could tell FBB wasn't too happy about that at all. The Sun lost his bout, getting hit in the face in the process (not serious, though) but his Sensei's talked to him and made him feel better. I took a picture of the Sun with his trophy and I offered to take one of The Sun and his dad and the trophy, but FBB didn't want me to take his picture.

I guess maybe he thought I'd steal his soul or something. It was funny, but it kind of hurt the Sun's feelings. FBB must have been feeling sort of "prickly" today, because the Sun was very reluctant to sit with him, and really didn't want to go with him. Actually, part of it was he learned to ride his back the afternoon before, and he would much rather have gone back to the Moon's house, hung out with the boys (there are 10 boys under 12 that live on the Moon's block) and ride his bike.

This is the first time since the whole court case began, that a visit exchange has taken place in some place other than a precinct, so actually this was huge. And all things considered, it went well... tho it went well because I was in a room full of black belts, and the Sensei's--once they felt out FBB's personality--stuck close to me, as did my Sensei. The Professor had filled him in on the backstory, and so he came down from the stands and stood with me until The Sun got changed and went off with his father. In fact, no one left me unaccompanied, and so FBB's habit of trying to make comments he knows will either upset me or unhinge me didn't get to come my way. The only comment that tried to get zinged my way was about the length of The Sun's hair, but it was made to the Professor who just laughed. Totally took the stinger out of it.

The Sun seems a little stressed; he called at bedtime concerned he didn't have clothes for tomorrow night, but I told him I'd bring them--and his violin--when I came to school tomorrow. I kind of got the feeling that FBB--who knows he didn't hold up his end of the bargain as far as telling me where they're staying (I still don't know), and didn't send a message as to what time I should get the Sun on Tuesday (2P) until today--was looking for me to start something. But he'll get no fight from me. I'll save that for July. So now I just have to get through tomorrow...


Jacqueline said…
woo hoo for the Sun!
no pic of FBB? ;-P
{gotta tell me what FBB means... - I'm like 'duh'}
does the Sun know where he is staying? Can he "note" it somehow in his head?
Nina said…
Yay for your Sun!! Great work, he can really be proud of himself. :)

And you can be proud of yourself. Bwahahaaa--"steal his soul"--too late! I had a hunch that's who it was in the photos. And um, yeah, you are going to have to crack the code for us on FBB. I haven't watched any Austin Powers movies yet. Cos I live under a rock.

Regina said…
I think I know what the F and one B stand for - but cannot figure out why there are two B's - unless I am thinking about the wrong character???

Hmmm -

sounds like the Sun really shone! What a great day - in spite of FBB.
Ros said…
Yay for the Sun for doing so well -- and yay to you for doing so well. :-)
Land family said…
Your boy is beautiful. And "steal his soul" (FBB) HA!

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