I Feel A Couple Of Rants Coming On....

and I really haven't gone on any rants here; I've been too busy cycling through depression. I'm actually feeling better; it's amazing how good I feel when I don't have to deal with FBB. Or when I'm not being obsessive about something. Even the voices are pretty quiet... although they're definitely ranting about things.

But I'm a little scattered and can't form any real thoughts about stuff so it will have to wait. Maybe a little later on in the day...


Well, it's a little later and I've been so lazy today I've gotten nothing done. Laziness is not a good thing for me.

But I wanted to acknowledge something. I happened to be going over old posts yesterday, and noticed that I'd gotten a hit on my post called "Bury My Heart" from O Pechanga, someone disenrolled from California's Pechanga people. I haven't had time to explore the links that were posted. I also am not sure I'm really ready to. I'm not sure I'm ready to really explore and explain exactly how this issue upsets me.

When Big Bear was at my house yesterday, we took sharp eyes to the picture of my grandmother on that blanket, and discussed again whether the blanket was a studio prop or not. I broke out some books I have; books that contain pictures and meanings of various Native American symbols and emblems and were able to make out some symbols attributed to the Cherokee, among other Eastern Woodland tribes.

And we talked about the Cherokee's decision to disenroll descendants of Freedman, and how that makes us feel. But it's still too close to the heart. I have to deal with it later...


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