I'm The Red-Headed StepChild Today

Apparently, I'm not the newsletter beeatch these days. Seems "they" didn't like the fact that I was squeezing type into the boxes on the newsletter.

Now bear in mind... I'm only the person who puts text into the newsletter, now. I can format a little, but ultimately, the VampireBitch does all the "Tweaking", and since she "Tweaks" ABsoFuckingLUtely EVERYTHING I do, no matter what, it hadn't occurred to me this was a problem. I'm only laying things out, not making it look pretty. I don't lay pictures in, since they asked me not to. And I assumed VB would do over anything I did, since that's what she's been doing. And the funny thing is, ya think someone would say something, right, or ask why I did it? NO! They run to my boss to say they weren't happy, completely ignore *me*, and start running to my co-worker to do things. Yet last week, *she* was the RedHeadedStepChild, cuz she'd accidentally used the wrong template. But VB had tried to chew out my coworker (they've worked together like 10 years... with a very uneasy truce) and coworker went into BigBird and told her she wouldn't tolerate being spoken to like that.

But somehow, no-one even *attempts* to speak to me in *any*way. I smile a lot at them, when they're looking directly at me. I don't give lip; when they can't make up their minds as to what *exactly* I should be doing, I simply wait 'till they decide. I'm very careful not to throw shade. Really. Cuz nobody can get their back up as quickly as I can... or as visibly. Those claws come out in a hurry. But here, because I'm not vested, things *usually* roll off my back.

So my boss calls me into his office to tell me what was said, and I said I'd already figured I'd done something to piss them off, cuz they had been patently ignoring me since Tuesday. And pointedly requesting that my coworker work on the newsletter.


The thing is, no-one around here is really being paid a *whole* lot... certainly not by my standards. And they've all been here SO LONG (10 years plus, most of them) that they seem to think this is the whole world.

And I'm bitching, yes, but not passionately. I'm just more amazed that people really think this way, act this way. I told my boss, after the crap I've been through, the people I've had to fight, the places I've worked... this is such small potatoes. I asked him if he thought I should shuffle out of his office looking beaten, or should I walk proud and hold my head high and smile? Cuz it's all an act right now... there' s no emotion. He said it was my call. So I acted like nothing happened.

On the other hand... it's kind of fun, observing, and I could really practice my "playing with people" skills if I had a mind to. But I'd much rather be at the beach, or at the sun's school. Or something. Even working... Maybe I'll finish up my website.


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