Busy Weekend

The Rummage Sale at the Sun's school raised about $800, which isn't bad considering. Considering not a big turnout, considering we (the Parents Association) were all so friggin' tired and scattered we didn't get a whole lot of fliers out... etc.

And the clutter is out of my house.

Today (it's still Sunday for me) I finally mopped a few floors, and completely cleaned out the foyer in front of my apartment door, and then Mima came by, and then Big Bear and the Professor came by because there were no kids. So we had a nice, relaxing time, and I grilled chicken wings and breasts and made salad, and Mima got some Corona and we sat on the back deck and acted like grown-ups. The Sun got to hang out with the Moon for a bit, and ride his bike.

The back part of the apartment, where the bedrooms are is neat and clean. The front is till messy.... but it's a start.

I don't have any pix of the nose yet! But I will...


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