It's cool temps here in the Big Apple, and the pollen count is high so it's making my body reaalllly sleeeepy.

My brain, however, is FLIPPIN' RESTLESS. The Genie is bubbling around inside her bottle, with tendrils of smoke silenty escaping. Can you see it?

Things that need to be done: Supermarket run, Target Run, Laundry (though the laundry was started last night as I went to bed). The everpresent apartment cleanup (it is really bad--the floors are so disgusting even I'm apalled). Stuff for the Sun's school, maybe a 2page web site job.

What I wanna do???? GO OUT. But I don't know which side will win... probably the responsible side. Mostly because the body is sleepy. But as I always say....

".... that could change...."



Still really sleepy. But the bitch is BACK! At lunchtime I hopped in a cab up to Spanish Harlem and got my hair done. My regular lady, Maria the younger, was out, drat it! Yomari was there and I think she gave me the second-class treatment cuz I used to be her customer, but she talks too much and too loud and too fast, and so I started waiting for Maria. Well, Yomari made my @ss wait today, for almost an hour, till Maria the elder (who is *very* Pentecostal) came in. So the Elder washed my hair... in slllooooooow motion, and then in sllllllooooowww motion put it on the rollers. And then I had to sit under the drier for 40 minutes. But Yomari was pretty quick about blowing it out, and I got that "Revlon Swing" (well, really "Gentle Treatment") going. But, I got back to work about 2:1oP (having snuck out at 11:55A). And wasn't even missed. Any my hair smells good. And The Sun called and said percussion is ending at 5:30P, so I have to leave at 5P.

So maybe I'll get to do the Target and StopNShop run with Shoefly this evening (if I can leave the school picnic pretty quickly), and then maybe that means my @ss will clean tomorrow after karate while I wait for the Professor to get her self in gear. And maybe that means I can go out tomorrow. As you can see from my sidebar, sugarcubes are now a "previous obsession." Those gates are firmly clicked in place. The bitch is back...

(OK maybe not quite. In the middle of the night I still get a hankerin' but what can you do. Go find another one, I guess...)


Yesterday the Diva danced. Her HighSchool friend "MissHoney" (a guy--gay since she met him as a freshman) works with afterschool kids as a dance instructor. He's a great dancer, and he and the Diva are *fabulous* together, though they carp at each other like old spinsters. The ladies in the clan (plus PerpetualMotion) all went to show love. It was nice to see her dance again. It was nice to see her in comparison to all the younger girls. There was one youngish teen who reminded us of all of the Diva at that age.

But PerpetualMotion was the funniest. On the way home we were all in the Professor's car as she did the drop-offs. Amped, the Diva was sitting in the front seat, blasting the radio. Eve's new single "Tambourine" was playing and the Diva starts dancing in her seat. And PerpetualMotion starts dancing too, in his carseat; head bopping, feet scissoring super fast, hands going. A born dancer, truly his mother's child.


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