One of "Those" Things That Makes You Go "wha?"

Yeah, I know I'm a week late, but for the record I've been stewing over it for the past few days.

I'm surprised that more Africamericans didn't just publicly jump ship and denounce her. I mean, seriously... after Bill was touted as the first Africamerican president, now all of a sudden because there's the possibility of a a real Africamerican President, the base that holds her down are hardworking white people? Is she kidding? After all the undying love "Black" people heaped on the Clintons--even through his impeachment, and as many "Blacks" who stayed "true" to the Clintons during the early part of these primaries, Hillary would really pull out the hardworking white people to pull her over the edge?

It's the kind of comment that reminds me of real-life experiences I've had.

Me, jumping around in some dive bar with lots of white people, all happy and shit. And somebody--usually someone I know fairly well and doesn't consider themselves racist, particularly since they have me as a freind--tells a story that ends up with a punch line about all Black People are gangbangers, or are dumb or something equally offensive. Realizing their error, they turn to me and say "But not you. You're not like that. Matter of fact, you're the whitest person I know!"

It just leaves you going "wha?"

So then, Hillary wins a "swing state", West Virginia. She trounces Obama in a state that is, according to 2006 Census data , 94.9% white, 3.3% "black".

And I'm not really sure what's more disconcerting... the fact that in a state where 95% of the population is white, a man of African descent isn't even a consideratio... or the fact that Hillary rejoices in this win.

My ex (the AllAmericanWhiteBoy from Jersey) and I went driving down South one year, about the last year in our relationship. I wanted to go on this vacation with him cuz I love a good road trip, but I remember the trip being emotionally uncomfortable. I knew he wanted out and I was trying desperately to hold on. We were driving down to Shenandoah Valley and took a long detour into West Virginia, up in the mountains. It was autumn, and it was spectacular. Somewhere I have pictures--lots of them, but they were back in the days of film and require scanning. Anyhow, we had pulled over to the side of the road for some reason, but the ex miscalculated and his Explorer got stuck in a ditch. He wanted me to get out and ask for help.

"Hell no!" I told him, looking around, "I am not getting out of this car." I could practically hear the Dueling Banjos. I could tell he was annoyed at me, but he didn't argue about it too much cuz even he could tell it wasn't a good idea. We managed to get the car out of the ditch on our own, and made a pitstop at a local Walmart for film. While I didn't feel specifically that people stared cuz they didn't like brown skin, they stared cuz they didn't get to see too many chicks with brown skin, and certainly not one driving around in a red Explorer with a paperwhite guy. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Looking at clips on CNN it just made me laugh in disbelief that the people in West Virginia think Obama "unpatriotic"-- "he ignored the flag" one bearded citizen noted. Another thought he was too haughty. A woman "couldn't relate."

America is in serious need of a brownskinned President. Politics be damned. Policies--what-the-fuck-ever. It's all the same bullshit, when you really get down to it. Of course there are things I really do like about him; he's intelligent, he has run a campaign that was fabulously organized, he raised shitloads of money, and he's not afraid to stick to a position.

But all that aside, we need a brownskinned president cuz it's WAY overdue.


Nina said…
~~No kidding!



~~You are absolutely right!

Fat Lady said…
My favorite comments that I always got growing up, or at the VERY white university where I went to college were, "I don't think of YOU as black," and "But, you're not REALLY black." The really sad thing is that I once thought of those phrases as compliments.

Yes, America NEEDS Obama as a president.
would have loved to have seen tha conversation and add my 2 cents
Blah Blah Blah said…
Very very true...whether black or hispanic...brown is good!
The Bear Maiden said…
If it had been Bill Richardson, I would have been toutin' him too.... Brown is way overdue. And I'm hoping that this opens the door... the next candidate should be Native, or Hispanic. Or Chinese, dammit. Sumthin. "What do you mean, I couldnt be president, of the united states of america? Tell me something, its still we the people, right? "
The race thing is just so effed up. I mean "white"? WTH is she thinking? And one thing that's been driving me up the wall is why on Earth does she or anyone else think this RICH woman represents working class much did the Clintons draw in last year?

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