Tips For the Chronically Late

Hey, that would be me. I am chronically late to everything. To work. To bed. And I JUST found this article which was pretty useful. I have to go figure out what kind of "late-nik" I am, but in doing a quick skim of the article, I found several descriptions of me.

"Have a Chronically Late Personality?"


Ros said…
They should have included the category "Mom"! As in, chronically late because kid needs to sleep in or has a need to snuggle or a morning meltdown, and being a responsive mom makes you late.
There's also the "fast driver" category, as in, I'm rarely late because I hit 70 after I started out late. :-)
Fat Lady said…
I agree with Ros that there should be a Mom category. Running back to the house because, "Mom, I forgot..." accounts for a good deal of lateness - that and extra hugs or whatever it takes to calm down a toddler who doesn't care if I'm late.

Still, I think I fall into the organizationally challenged category. It always takes longer than I think it will to do just about everything - and that causes me more problems than I can keep track of.

Oh, and Ros - I think doing 70 whenever you're late makes you a risk taker - are you sure you don't make yourself late so you can enjoy that fast drive?
The Bear Maiden said…
I think the two that pertain to me are "Freedom-makers" ("intense wish not to be controlled by others"--YA THINK?) and "Trouble-avoiders" ("unconsciously or even consciously, wish to avoid the people they are supposed to meet or the place where they are going"--like my job!).
Ros said…
Freedom-makers? Gosh, Jesi, that never crossed my mind! :-p

And 70 is not a risk-taker, at least not in a CAR. Doing 95 one day last year to get to Sean's birthday party on time, THAT was risky.

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