I Got Tired Of Waiting

... for everything. For SugarCube, for the tat, for life. I told you I was not a patient bitch. And actually, all things considered, I think I've been pretty freaking patient.

So, I'm going for the tat today, at about 8P. I'm probably going alone; Professor has piled on all these riders onto her train, which has stalled so God knows when they're coming. I was hoping they'd come share some pre-tat energy with me, maybe come sit awhile but whatever. Last heard, she was putting PerpetualMotion/Tunner to sleep.

Nobody else has any money.

I was going to do this anyway, cuz I was tired of waiting. But then I found out last night I sold a drawing! For exactly what my tat will cost! Ya can't have a better omen that that.

I'll have to see if I have a picture of the piece that sold. It was pretty cool, actually. Now the funny thing about it is the person who bought it?--my photographer friend's wife. Ha ha. Ha. I think she's obsessed. Or maybe she bought it as a "thank you" cuz maybe she thinks what I told her husband was a good thing, and not the warning it was. Whatever! I'm actually glad it will have a home, and home I know. And hey... Wife's got skillz--maybe I'll learn something from her.

The Scoreboard at SheaIn the meantime, one of the reasons I chose "Enter Sandman" as the current "Listen To This" is that the Sun, the Moon, WhiteClogs (Moon's dad) and I went to see a game the other night, compliments of some tix the Moon's UnclePolitician got from some guy who owns a nut factory. We're talking DiamondClub Season holder's tickets, in the orange section to the right of Home Plate. I'm no major ballfan... but I gotta tellya... if you're going to see a ballgame, that's the place to be. Cuz even I, who can't really follow a game, was close enough to figure out what the hell was going on, and after two Buds (not my favorite, but the tin bottle was icy cold) it was downright enjoyable. And I'm a girl who grew up in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. When I looked up Fifth Avenue from my apartment building in Harlem, there it was looming in the distance. And on summer nights when the Yanks were home, it looked like sunrise the lights were so bright. And riding the #4 train up to where my exhusband lived, we'd pass right by the Stadium and could see a game through the break in the stadium walls. (All that's going to change, as they put up the new stadium and tear down the old one. And I think that sucks.) I went to a few games as an adult, and I loved the old-time feeling of Yankee Stadium and that generations-deep love I have for the Bronx. My dad was born here and raised here, and the minute I was old enough to ride the subway alone, the Bronx is where I came to hang out.

The Sun watching the gameBut then IFKALP came along, with his love of the Mets, which he has passed on the Sun. And there's something about the orange and blue that just makes the whole thing fun. The Sun loved being there, loved being that close. He and the Moon watched the game intently, and knew most of the players and how many outs there were. I was impressed... cuz except for the 8th inning when they played "Enter Sandman", it was kinda a blur. But we had a great, great time.

Well, as I write this, the Professor's train won't be making The Sun and Moonany stops my way, which means I need to start my trek out the door. With my first tat, I went with my then best-friend, and the company was nice. But hell, tat's are all about personal freedom and expression, right? And again, I'm tired of waiting for things so I guess I'll just do it all by my goddamn self.

As for "Enter Sandman"... hearing it out at Shea the other night I was reminded of HOW FREAKIN' COOL Metallica was/is. I saw them in concert the year this album came out.

Man, I miss metal concerts, and being free to be stupid. "Stupid" carries such a heavy price these days. Although I guess it always did... it's just that pre-kids you didn't think the price was all that high. Well, tats are all I got left, so time to go! Pictures later!


Fat Lady said…
Wish I were with you. If I had read this an hour earlier, I probably would have tried to come. I can't wait to see the tat!
LilacBlue80 said…
Same here... I would have gone with and probably gotten one too. Interesting thing about tattoos is that though they are rather personal or should be, I've gotten 3 of my four with friends and having them there was really part of the experience... so I'm sorry I couldn't go with but when you get your next one you better give me some time and I'll be there to give moral support and laugh at the envirnoment/situation cause theres always some story to go with the tat.

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