Happy Father's Day!

Although I was invited out to Long Island to visit a friend of mine and her new baby, along with another freind and her new adopted baby (and I'm sorry that I've missed meeting the "new people"), Poppy let us all know last week he wanted to go to Rye Playland for Father's Day. So we went to Rye Playland.

I dunno. Poppy seems to be in great health and spirit these days, but the older *I* get, the more time I want to spend with him in particular. It all changes soon enough, and I don't want to miss anything. I don't want any regrets.

Besides, I always say that Rye is my favorite place. Something about the architecture, the hint of days gone by in the facade of the buildings, the ocean on one side and marsh on the other, the smell of funnel cakes and the taste of cotton candy, and the loud CLACKALACKALACKA of the Dragon Coaster. I think I fell in love with Rye watching the Tom Hanks movie Big. Even though some of the locations were inaccurate, the few shots of Rye just intrigued me. It's hard NOT to have a good time at Rye. Even when I went there with FBB, before the Sun was born, it was one of the few dates we had that didn't end in a fight. And after the Sun, when I wanted to run away, I ran away there. One night, I went with the Professor and her girls, and a 6 month old Sun who was bathed and in his PJ's. I kept thinking he'd fall asleep, but no, he stayed awake the entire time, dazzled by all the lights and the noise, smiling the whole time. I have a picture of him and I that night, the kind you take in those digital kiosks and they charge you an arm and a leg for, and put into a keychain. The keychain finally broke, but my upstairs neighbor put the picture into a snowglobe for the Sun as a Christmas present one year. That night, we got home about midnight, and FBB was working as a bouncer on the bar around the corner from my apartment. The bar we met in, the bar I spent WAY too much time BC (beforeChild). When he saw the Professor's car pass by, he came flying around the corner to yell at me for being out all night with the baby. But I had just wanted to get away from him...

The Sun is now big enough to ride most of the big rides. The only one he *won't* go on is the Dragon Coaster. He keeps thinking it will be scary. But he got on the log flume with me, and we got soaked.

I had to fight with the Sun to call his dad though, for Father's Day. He left a message finally, before we left for Rye. And then I wanted him to try again, while we were there, and threatened him with not going on a ride. It sucks. But I felt strongly he had to call his dad. I don't know that they ever talked... the Sun said he kept getting voicemail.

Here's the fam, when we first arrived:

And here's a picture of me with the Sun. The Professor took this one, I think.

So, a special shout-out to the Father's out there....


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