...And Finally,

people really piss me off. Especially people who are so busy kissing donkeys that they don't open up their eyes to really see what's going on out the other end.

I've been telling you all how my section of the Marketing department is being systematically destroyed. My boss had a very bad time of it for a while. They tell you about the "5 Stages of Grief" (the definition of which which has become mangled and cliched) and he was at first really distraught, then angry, then pleading, and now I think he's back to being fairly optimistic/in denial. He's been here for over 10 years... he says he has seen the ebb and flow. I don't know though... I still feel that it's only a matter of time before we're given our walking papers, the three of us, but it could be that I'm just used to the financial and entertainment industries, where they routinely "revamp" things and lay off tons of people. It's rare I've been in a place were people actually lasted 10 years.

But anyway. We literally have nothing to do, and what we do have is really bogus low-man-on-the-totem pole type shit. Like on Tuesday.... BigBird hadn't said a word to me in a few days, but she came up to me with a package and asked if I could take it downstairs to meet the hospital shuttle van, so that the package could be met on the Other Side by a minion of the Dark Side. And I thought... they are paying me a SHITload of money to be a messengerbitch. This can't last. At some point some honcho will decide we are no longer paying our way, and cut us loose. We can't take on any more jobs for the hospital; my boss was sneaking stuff on the side, but every time BK got wind of it, she stepped in, snatched it up and outsourced it. My co-worker has been reduced to running around to count how many newsletters are left at the end of the week. And I... basically I'm ignored. I'm no longer working on the newsletter AT ALL. Which is fine cuz I don't like that Vampyre Bitch (and she'z runnin' thangz up in heah now)... but it's not my choice (I really hate being lazy, because laziness begets more laziness with me. I need to be out of this atmosphere); I'd much rather be doing something. Either that or be home, dammit.

Yesterday, while we were trying to get home from IKEA, we ran into HUGE traffic problems. We had no idea why there was so much traffic at 4PM, but we found out that it was because there had been a blackout on the upper east side of Manhattan--affecting the hospital and my office, and many people were trying to get home using cars and buses since the subways were also out.

My boss told me this morning that he grabbed his helmet (I tease him about his little putt-putt scooter mo-ped--it's red, too) and left, as did my co-worker who lives up in Washington Heights. It was about 4:15, he said, and he anyhow he usually gets here about 7AM.

Early this afternoon, BigButt (who works with BigBird) was making snide comments about my boss; how he grabbed his shit and left the minute they told the staff to clear the building. She saw me cock an eye, so she tried to come over and include me in the "joke": "What does he do all day, really? He sits in his office. But he bolted, didn't stick around to see if he was needed." I said well, he does a hell of a lot less than what he used to, but it's not by choice. When she continued, trying to justify her humor I said "if I'd been here I would have left, too, because I have NOTHING to do."

And then I reminded myself to keep my big mouth shut. But I was furious. I mean, is her head so far up the BK's @ss that she can't see what's happening? I realize that in an effort to save her own job she may try to see things in the light that the BK is casting them, but really, how dumb can you be? Do you really think, if a person has been at a job for over 10 years, in a field that *requires* output of materials, that a person would last that long if they were *purposely* not doing anything? And what about the fact that the man is here hours before your fat@ss traipses in???

Whatever. Just had to vent. I won't even tell him that conversation, cuz this is certainly something that would put him out for a few hours.


Jacqueline said…
wait a minute... when are you goin' to SeaWorld? I LOVE SeaWorld and the dolphins!!!!
Natalie said…
Hey J! I finally found your blog (again). :D BTW, hey, so I'm shutting down my typepad blog and attempting to be a bit more anonymous on a new one. I'm stealing your idea, and calling my three kids, Sun, Moon and Little Star. LOL, it's hokey, but maybe it'll work?
Ginger said…
Girlfriend,the work drama is making ME tired.
Strength and peace to you. Sounds like you've got a handle on it though.
The Bear Maiden said…
To be bored is so draining :) I think it's one reason I'm so tired :) July... after July there'll be some changes made...

And Jacqui, we come go to SeaWorld on 8/3 :) I'll be sure to take some dolphin pix for you.

And yes, Natalie, it'll work :)

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