Punching Bags Are Useful Things

...on which to take out emotions like pain and hurt, and anger too. Although at the moment my emotions tend to the former, rather than the latter.

We didn't get to karate early like I'd wanted to, so instead of working out with BigSensei (LittleSensei is in Puerto Rico) I got to work out with CrazyPurpleBelt. This kid is like 18 (though he doesn't look or act it), Mexican, and speaks very little English... and the English he does speak is heavily accented. So basically what he does is rip off combos and times them for like 10 minutes, shouting "GO!" every time he wants you to execute. I'm not sure he can even count in English, since I've never heard him do it. I try to avoid working out with him, but I needed to work out today (it's been a week) so there was no other way. And I surprised myself... I held my own against two teenage boys, one of whom was a little embarrassed about it.

At first he had me hitting the bag without handguards and my knuckles got a little red and sore--felt good though. I took advantage of his offer of pads... but he made the boys go without. At the end, we had to do a double-roundhouse kick, and then a blitz of a backfist and a jab. And because he wasn't counting, only shouting "GO!" I actually found myself getting into a rhythm.

I might actually be able to get into a ring one day. That would be something.

Afterwards, BigSensei dropped the Sun and I off at the Target on 225, and the Professor met us there. She was off to Long Island City to give her 4 zebra finches to a lady who wanted them. They'd found each other on Craigslist. Professor doesn't want any more pets. I'd take the birds... they were awfully cute and had the most interesting little chirps, but I'm not a bird person. Too flitty for me. And it would torture the hell out of my poor cat.

Today was hard for me. Questions, bewilderment... my little tincan is getting closer and closer to re-entry, I feel. It even bounced off the atmosphere a few times today, skipping across the surface like a round stone on a smooth pond. But after awhile, like hitting the bag, I found a rhythm to the day...

I tackled the The Beast--those braids of the Sun's I'd been avoiding. Superfat conditioner and some water, and they came out fairly easily. Certainly about 100 times easier than it was to detangle that giant dread last year. Tomorrow, we'll wash it...

I'm supposed to go to an unofficial reunion barbecue for my High School tomorrow. And Monday I have a meeting and I'll attempt karate, and Tuesday if it doesn't rain the FatLady and I talked about the beach, and I haven't gotten much further than that but I'm just going to keep plodding onward... ever hopeful.


professor said…
you will be fine...emerse yourself in the moment, then move on...give yourself a time limit...if it's ment to be then it will be...no person wants someone who makes them their all-in-all...I know you won't but you don't wanna scare the poor cat away with your craziness...lol...just kidding...
don't check your phone...leave that shit at home
BigBear said…
What is wrong eith MEN? what the hell do they want? I'm a really old chick and I still only understand Pops, who wants a joint and the TV and some ice cream..I used to want to kick the ass of any and all MEN who hurt you and the Prof., but I can't do that, can I?
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