I've Been Ignoring The Political

bullshit for a long while now, because I just got tired of shouting in the wind.

I can't say I'm thrilled with Joe Biden as a Veep, but what the hell... John Edwards turned out to be skeezy as all get out, and Hillary was such a nasty combative bitch-in-a-pantsuit that I would have felt Obama gave up his manhood if he took her as Veep (but I think she'll make one hell of a replacement for Condi). So I'm in support of ObamaBiden though it's mighty hard to say that three times fast.

However.... every so often things piss me the fuck off, and since there's no one to calm the voices (hey, and maybe that's not such a bad thing after all) and my rages, I'ma let you all know what it was:

And since I should be sleeping, I'ma post something else so I can just throw up my hands and let it rest until such time as I gather my slumbering voices, rile them the fuck up and get to spewin'...

And then I'ma say one last thing...

With shit like the first video floating around, I'm going to reiterate my belief that we are long overdue for a brown president. Just so people who create videos like that can squirm for 4 years. Compared to 400 years of squirming, that's no time at all...


Nina said…
How are you doing, lady?

I agree with you. No kidding. And I just did not have enough minutes in my cache of patience to watch that first one to the end. It just makes me itch. The second video rocks!
Lovebabz said…

I never thought about HC for Secretary of Sate...but HHmm she would PERFECT!

I am revved up now for the DNC. I think it will be trhilling and exciting and I think Obama/Biden will DELIVER!

Thanks for coming over and sharing with me and supporting me. It was so NEEDED!
Rachel said…
I hope the Dems manage to unite. That's all.
The Bear Maiden said…
@Nina... generally I'm a mopey mess. Not at all sure what's happening to me but I'm doing the best I can.

Yeah... that first video riled me for days and I wondered if I was gonna take it on... and I still may because it's one of those things that really should be denounced on someplace like Snopes.com. But the second video sums the overall feeling way better, I think.

Hey, Lovebabz... you're sounding good. Cuz I was gonna say... I can't quit... it's not in me. But you can't quit either :).

@ T, I missed Clinton but Michelle was pretty cool. Too steely to really cry but she doesn't strike me as a chick who cries much anyhow. Woulda read false.

@ Rachel... you know what I hope? That AMERICA unites. Seriously. This division thing America has going has dragged on just way, way, way, too long. It's really gonna bite us in the ass one day.
RoadGrl said…
agreed, first vid drove me crazy just in the first 30 sec, I'm going to have to make myself watch it just to know how to fight it
and I also liked the second vid... very sensible, and I respect sensible people.
I like Obama because I know where he comes from... you don't get out of Columbia without having a firm understanding of western civ and that includes literature and arts, not just the philosophy/history/poli sci. And he's smart and not afraid to be smart (unlike Clinton who liked to play up the good ol' boy thing). We need an intelligent president desperately to set a standard to which people/kids can aspire instead of settling for "just ok".
sydney said…
Really like the second video
Down to earth explanation of a difference lots of folks miss, applies all over the place. "We're having a what I am conversation, could we switch it to what I said or did, please?"

Nina speaks for me, couldn't handle the first one, either.

I hope Obama's people take the gloves off. McCain is a shoot from the hip hothead. Ready to lead my aunt eloise.

Miss you on the newsgroup
Wish you were doing better all around

I thought you sell yourself short in that "sex sells" crack a way back. Lots of us care about you, want you to be happy. Sex everywhere, no need for here.

Job. You. Need. My $.02.

I hear it ain't roses, but I'm reading a lot of "needy needy". That's the most straightforward one to address

Later, Sydney

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