My Favorite Place the world, well, one of them anyway, is Rye Playland. The Fatlady and I had talked about going since it was a little chilly for the beach. I was undecided because of the cash flow... but yesterday morning body parts were raining down over Kathmandu and I really didn't want to sit in the house.

So we went. The Sun of course, was overjoyed... and I think it's one of the few times he's seen his school friends over the summer... certainly since he's been back from L.A.

And this year, he was brave enough to ride the Dragon Coaster with me and Sugar. And loved it so much he rode it twice.

I've got to get a job. But I've decided to look into "Non-traditional employment for women"... something that's not graphic design and maybe I won't take everything so personally.

And as for TomCat, well... something clicked later in the day, and I was all set to walk away. But I dunno... patience is something I struggle with, and faith as well... and a host of baggage and issues... so I'm trying to pace myself. Cuz I'm ever hopeful.


Land family said…
Playland looks like a LOT of fun! My oldest wanted to ride one of those things that shoots you way up (straight up) into the sky and drops you, but they didn't have one at our nearby Six Flags. Glad you had so much fun.

Good luck with the employment situation..and the cat.
RoadGrl said…
ok, now I feel bad... we came into NY to visit the family and went with my sis on Tuesday to Playland...
it's just as fun as I remember, the kids LOVED the dragon coaster, unfortunately I traumatized my poor littleone in the Flying Witch
glad you had fun too, we'll have to plan a joint visit one of these days

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