Ill Winds

...seem to be blowing. I guess that would explain a lot of things. I never commented on the deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, within days of each other... two very talented people gone.

But then Wednesday morning, Shoefly called me up to tell me someone on her block--down the street from me--committed suicide. He'd apparently tried to hang himself first, and that didn't work out so well so then he shot himself. Talk about having a bad day... to try twice. And Thursday morning Shoefly called me up to tell me her sister-in-law's younger brother--barely a few years older than myself--died of a heart attack.

And me... well, the story's not done and I don't like telling it until it is, though sometimes it feels more done than other times. But I'm not happy and the past few days have not been good.

Wednesday is kind of a blur except I was working on some stuff and took my laptop downtown to the kids school to continue work and keep the Fat Lady and OneHalf company while they sorted books for the library. Then the Sun and I went to karate, where I got to spar with CrazyPurpleBelt. I gotta say... it feels real good to be able to legally hit someone who's not going to be hurt by it. I just get winded pretty bad... need to get my lungs in shape so I can hang out for two minutes in a ring.

Thursday sucked. So broke as I am, I went down to the city and got my hair done ($27) and my eyebrows done ($18) and met up with the Fat Lady in the process. I am indebted to her as she willingly babysat her crazy geeky friend... hanging out with me and my kid even though she had managed to park her kids in Brooklyn. That's a true friend. After getting our girl on, we went to Sassy Sliders and I had burgers and sweet potato fries (the Sun opted for McDonalds' chicken selects).

Then she decided to drive me home, and the Sun was talking about all the movies he'd seen this summer and how I'd seen none, so we decided then and there we'd see if we could catch"The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" in the Bronx. And we did! And it was hot! ( Jet Li rocks... I finally got to watch "Fearless" one night*sigh* with the TomCat and it was spectacular.) Special note for folks who care about stuff like this... the closing credits were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.


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