Littleboy Back....

...except he looks like he grew an inch, and is about 2 shades duskier than he was. He gained a little muscle, some insight I think, and his hair is still braided. I guess TF decided not to mess with it.

I needn't have worried about him wanting to come home. Seems TF is still his usual intense self, and they seemed to have clashed a few times. Which is good; it means that the Sun is strong enough to maintain his identity around his dad. But I am glad the Sun had someone else to run up on cuz he had definitely gained some smartmouth tendencies in the last year, which of course comes with the age.

TF was very cordial, made small talk and even allowed my hug when we separated. I told him it was much much better this way. I still don't trust him, and I hope that this cordiality will continue... I hope we can get through negotiating all the upcoming visits without fighting. I hope everyone has grown a little...

We got home and of course the Sun wanted to sleep in my bed, where he still is, still sleeping. It's good to have him back. I missed him.

All the other problems remain though, and well... only time will tell me what the outcome will be for any of them.


Regina said…
so glad he is back without issue - I am sure his experiences will come out bit by bit.

Hug em tight!

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