Sixty-Five Minutes and some Seconds how long I was on the phone with my new best friend, TF.



Couldn't get him off the phone, either.

We recapped the whole trip, he told me stuff he observed with the Sun (um, like he's a slacker... even-tempered, even-keeled, no-high-no-low, smile-no-matter-what, not-particularly-aggressive.... a true Pisces. Not for nothing, it's another reason why TomCat feels familiar) and how he approached it. I laughed to myself cuz he left out some of his own intensity... but at the same time he was pretty complimentary. Even said I was a good mom. (WWWWWOOOOOOAAAAHHH).

He told me he'd had a sex-talk with the kid, too. Oh, to be a fly on the wall with that one. Left out the part about him getting mad at the Sun cuz the Sun hid a sandwich in the garbage. Sun had wanted to go the pool, and his dad told him to finish the sandwich. And the Sun hadn't wanted to, so he tried to hide the other half of the sandwich in the garbage but his dad found it. Yikes. But I didn't get his side of that story, nor did I ask.

He asked me about TomCat, whether or not I referred to him as "boyfriend", which I don't but DudeNamedTommy had, accidentally, and in front of the Sun. DNT had called me and apologized for that later, which I told TF. Before we flew out, when I had called TF to explain that TomCat was coming, I'd told him that TomCat and I were pretty low-key around the Sun, until we figure out what we were doing. But to be fair, no one ever explained that to DNT. So TF had been upset with DNT because of the slipup. TomCat had noticed it to, but I figured that if we all played "dumb" and didn't make a big deal either way, the Sun may or may not have noticed but the possibility would also exist that the term would just fly under the radar. Which it seems to have done...

We talked about the Sun going out for Christmas. Originally, the Sun hadn't been too happy with the thought, seeing as how it meant giving up Christmas at the Titi's, but it seems he may be OK with that now. Which means I'm going to have to think about that very soon. Ugh. But... if the kid wants to go, then he's going to go... Vegas, anyone?

And lastly, I asked him how he felt about me contacting his family, his sister in particular. He said although he hasn't spoken to them in years, he didn't mind. (????) So I said I would try. I told him it was because the Sun is very proud to be Albanian, and wears his flag on his gi with pride, and had even talked to the two tall Albanian dudes that go to the dojo in the Bronx. TF got pretty quiet at that... but I was glad that he was OK with the idea.

Can you imagine? Whodathunk it??? I pray it lasts. But I was also really glad to have a little conversation about the TomCat, so that TF won't think things might possibly could go back... cuz no, they couldn't. Good Lord.

But this conversation, hands down, was the best conversation I've had with TF in years. All 65 minutes and some seconds of it.


professor said… all I can there a daughter in the works? hahahahahahahaha...
on the serious side, I'm really glad there is finally every thing else you just have to take it one situation at a time...but I do feel the will have spats now and again, but the sun is such a wonderful kid you can't help but be mellow around him...
The Bear Maiden said…
Professor, no the girl won't be coming from there, that's for damn sure.

And T, it's not the honesty, cuz he's a pretty honest dude, to be fair. It's the moods that get me...

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