Freakin' wow.

I don't care what your politics are or what you believe... but this was one of the biggest nights in American History. Declaration-of-Independence big. Emancipation big. I-Have-A-Dream big. I wonder what MLK would have said... I wonder what Brother Malcolm would have said. I wonder if Lincoln would ever have imagined this. Or my great-great-great grandfather Peter G. Morgan, who served in the Virginia House of Representatives during Reconstruction. Or great-great-grandma Josephine or even Nana Jessie. My Grandpa Truman.

How friggin' cool. I made MMB (who's spending the night... she made her acting debut today at a Shakespeare program the Fat Lady put her on to... and she was good!) and the Sun watch Obama's speech on C-Span. I told them when they are grown and have children they can say they watched it...

It does matter if he wins... it matters a lot. But regardless, history was made. Big History.

(hey, is that a long-haired boy over there in the bottom left of the picture???
and that Sasha is a pip! Definitely her father's child...)

(Pictures from

Can you just fathom this? I saw history today... and good history for a change.


Fat Lady said…
Yeah - I let Sugar and Spice stay up to watch. I know Spice didn't know or care why she was staying up and she probably won't remember a thing about it. But I told Sugar - "I know this is a little boring right now. But when you're an adult you'll remember this moment and you'll be SO HAPPY you stayed up to see it."

As a kid I used to rack my brains, wondering why I couldn't remember seeing King's I Dream Speech. And then I realized it was because I was less than 3 months old at the time. It's always made me wish I'd been born a few years earlier.

Tonight is history. We will always remember it.

And I LOVE Malia and Sasha!!! They remind me SO much of Sugar and Spice.
The Bear Maiden said…
One of the best things is the kids... he's got young kids. To see Sasha jumping in the confetti was the best. And Malia is so serene...
I swear to god I had tears in my life. I think many of us have waited our whole lives for this moment. I told H: We HAVE to see our first AA president this year. First sticker on my new van: Obama 08.
onesillymama said…
My girls are too little (5 and 2) to watch and really grasp it, but I talked to them about it being a historic time for us. My 5yo is still a little sad... she was a Hillary supported as she wanted to see "a girl president". She asked me if I like Obama and if I will vote for him, and when I told her yes on both counts, she was satisfied. The power of Mommy. :-)
Carrie said…
The speech was too early here for us to watch it live (4 pm), but listened to it on NPR. We're going to watch it tonight as a family via the wonders of the internet. My kids need to see it.

I had tears in my eyes the whole time while driving and listening (I know, not good, LOL). I also feel part of something historic. And proud to be an American -- an emotion I haven't had in a VERY long time.
RoadGrl said…
I loved everything he had to say, and the intelligent way in which he said it.
I am so excited to see a candidate who's smart and not afraid to be smart!
(and a Columbia grad, too!)
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I am just passing through the neighborhood trying to meet new friends!! (smiles)

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Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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