Evening at Shea

The Moon's daycamp gave him 5 tickets to the Mets/Marlins game last night. Both his parents had to work, so I agreed to take the tickets and take him and the Sun, since the Sun loves the Mets and it's probably the only game he'll get to see. And since I had the two extra I asked Professor to come along and MMB, since neither of them has ever been to a baseball game. Ever.

The seat were in DA NOSEBLEED section. Holy Cow. Way High. Row Q... 4 rows from the top of the stadium, high. Professor sat down and for about 10 minutes refused to move. But then she got used to it. And then she got into it, as did MMB, which was really cool.

The Sun loves going to games... and he got his love of the Mets from his dad. I took pictures of the Sun and Moon and sent them to his dad:

It was a good game, actually. And it was cool to get the chance to go to Shea Stadium before they tear it down and replace it with the new, totally-different-looking CitiField (blech).

Even though MMB enjoyed most of the game, the boys annoyed her a little, and eventually she fell asleep:
But we all had a great time.

Nosebleed Tickets: Free
Parking: $15
3 Hot Dogs: $15
3 Cotton Candies: $12
1 Bag Peanuts: $4.75
1 bottle Pepsi split 3 ways: $4.25
1 bottle bud (blech) split two ways $8.00 (or $2.00 a swig)
Evening with the fam at a ballgame: Priceless.

Really $59 with another $10 for tolls on the bridge, but who's counting?

Oh, and the Mets won....
...and after I sent pictures to SD, I got several texts from him and one of them even made reference to an old inside joke we used to have about Mel Rojas.


Janet said…
Looks like a fabulous time!
RoadGrl said…
Big D says your seats were awesome compared to where he used to sit for Jets home games (last row)!!
looks like fun, we had a shot at free tix for Monday but had to pass as we had places to be...

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