Sex Sells

no matter how people try to act like they're unaffected.

It amuses the crap out of me that when I was posting about important things like race and Obama, I had my regulars, and those people commented... but since I've been posting about my lovelife, boy the hits keep coming!

Like all kinds of interesting people come to visit, (I can see from sitemeter) and linger... but aren't commenting. Like I said... amuses the crap out of me.

Although at the moment I'm undecided again. I had one of those momthings happen to me, that required a doctors visit and a particularly aggressive antibiotic was prescribed. Now, I don't think I've taken antibiotics since I was pregnant... and probably for the same thing. And I don't remember being this sick. Holy fuck. This stuff knocked me on my ass and had me reeling, and I'll be damned if I continue taking it. Whatever was in my has got to be dead anyhow, seeing as how for about 3 minutes I was certain I was gonna keel over for real.

Which leads me back to point "A"---once again, here I was, sick as shit, taking care of me.

I sat down on the red couch next to Peanutbutter (who spent the entire day in his pajamas, feet in the air, watching "Bionicle" movies and playing with Bionicles), and told him to wake me up in a half hour. An hour later, my neighbor Thumbelina walked in and that's what woke me up. It was 7PM. I hadn't been able to do anything for the past 4 hours... and after a slow month, I actually have work. And I need to friggin' get paid cuz I'm expecting the landlord to call me any second.

Anyway... I get and realize I need to get dinner going. I had spoken to the doctor earlier (that's how concerned I was) and he said try one more day... but the stuff I have to take must be taken with food. Although it takes your appetite away. Go figure. So I figure that I'll make some meat and starch, and I make lambchops and cheesy potatoes. (Yeah, I know... my arteries are screaming but I was hoping to cushion the blow, and I couldn't go outside to get a vegetable, and boy do I crave salad.) But here I am, queasy and headachy... taking care of me.

I choke down dinner, and another round of medication, and BAM!--instant fucking headache. But I have to get the kid in the bed, get the laundry out of the dryer, clean up the kitchen a little (just so the bugs won't come---I spotted one the other day and I've NEVER had bugs in the 9 years I've lived here) and all the while I think I'm gonna puke.

The kid is still on Cali time, so even tho we're both in the bed by 11P, I can't move by this point cuz I guess the headache morphed into a migraine, he's wide awake and crying cuz he can't find his sleepy toy Red Panda, and he can't sleep, and I'm screaming at him... look. You have to be independent cuz I feel like crap and nobody's taking care of mommy.

Then I feel bad, cuz I know he's still adjusting to NY time and being home... so I call him in my room and make him feel better by rubbing my back (completely ineffective, poor thing... although I loved feeling his concern for me) and instructing him on how to get me water and exedrin.

But basically, I'm taking care of me. Alone. Again. And the point of a lovelife is....?????

Fuck this shit.

And of course, since I asleep by about 12:30 when the exedrin kicked in... I've been up since 4. But I'm going to try for another hour or so...


Regina said…

Hope you're feeling "better" soon.
Lovebabz said…
I once had to take antibiotics that were so strong that every time I took the does I would thorugh up. Ihad to get a prescription that would keep me from throwing up the intended medication!

You need a support team to help when yo are down for the count. Sister-friends who can come and bring soup and meals for the kids! Girl you need support!

Do what you can and respect the fact that you are sick. Don't fight it. Just get well.
The Bear Maiden said…
Hi, Regina yeah I'm much better today. I'm gonna have to call and tell the doc I've stopped taking that crap, but there was no way I could feel like that for a week. Amazing. And further research revealed I could knock it out naturally, which further pisses me off...

And hi, lovebabz... you know I do have my girls who I rely on... but they're all responsible women who go to work everyday and come home tired, and I live at the end of the earth compared to most of them (even the ones that don't work) so it's kinda hard to get to me. And I'm kinda used to it... just annoyed by it... but thanks for the support!!!
Fat Lady said…
OK, I gotta tell you, the point of a love life is NOT to have someone around who'll take care of you when you're sick. If you think it is - then you're better off without one, because that harsh reality will keep hitting you upside the head.

I can not think of one single couple I know of where the man is there really taking care of the woman when she's sick.

Don't you remember me crawling out of my sweat-soaked bed with the flu to play with Spice because TheBull was "too tired" to play with her?

But, I'm not even talking about the couples with big issues (like me) - I mean even the ones where everything works - or seems to. Even with them - there's so much that the woman takes care of on her own - including herself when she's sick.

I know it's frustrating. And, you certainly have reasons for get annoyed or discouraged. But don't get mad that someone isn't around to do what he likely wouldn't do even if he was up under you every day.
The Bear Maiden said…
Fat Lady you're funny, but I guess you're right.

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