High School Reunions

...can be good for the ego, particularly when a bunch of guys tell you how they always liked you but were too scared to talk to you. It made me laugh, actually. I said "But you all never asked me out, never called me up and said 'Hey, you... can we go out?' or 'Hey, girl, would you like to go to the movies?'" They said they were all too scared, that I was "quiet" and "a good girl". Hmph. If only they knew.

It makes you wonder how different your life could be... instead I went through all four years of high school with the same boyfriend from my block, and then when I graduated high school went a little buckwild, probably out of boredom. In my senior year I knew my round-the-way boyfriend wasn't going to come with me to the prom, cuz he never left the block... so I set about to flirt with one of the guys from the basketball team (we had one of the worst basketball teams in the city... after all, we were artistic) and made him my school boyfriend, and we went to the prom.

I feel really bad but I dumped him right after that. eeek. He's the tall one on my right in the picture.

But the reunion was fun. One of the best parts for me was that the two girls I hung out with the most and who I counted as friends were there... and one of them I don't think I've seen since the summer we graduated--24 years. It was really cool to see them, and so funny to watch the years melt away... the two organizers even had appropriate '80's jams going on the CD player.

M&A All The Way!

It wasn't an official school-sanctioned one, but a gathering started by two friends from the year before mine. There was food and drink, and a little bit of booze stashed away. But everyone said more folk showed up this year than last... one guy flying in from Chicago just for the event. It'll be even bigger next year...

The Professor came with me. She spent a lot of time at my high school cuz she would come up after school or on days she didn't have to go, so a lot of folk knew her as well. She said she was watching the salmonella multiply on the chicken, convinced that the flame of the barbecue wasn't high enough, so she went and took over the grill. Which was an awfully nice thing to do cuz then everyone else got to shoot the breeze, but they all came over to pay their respects to "the grillmaster."

The day had started out beautifully, but by the time the Professor and the Sun and I got there it had started to rain and was cold as hell. But we hung out anyway, shivering, standing under umbrellas and chatting. Eventually the rain stopped and we warmed up a little.

The Sun had a great time with the other kids that were there. Finally at about 7:30P the Professor and I headed home...

Jury's still out on TomCat. He's still walking with his turmoil but I heard from him today, though briefly. I dunno... it's odd because the reality is it's barely been a month that we've been hanging out though it seems like a lifetime. But a month is an awfully short time in the scheme of things. So I'm reserving judgment for a bit...

But I'm ever hopeful...


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