Don't Feel Like Blogging

...cuz there's not much to say. Well, there's a whole lot to say but I'm mulling it all over and don't feel like letting it go yet.

Mundane stuff

  • I never did say that Bigbear's been away since last Wednesday at a Tai Chi seminar... she came back yesterday full of chi and looking good.

  • The Sun's hair is still in those nasty braids cuz I dread (pun intended) taking them out. He however, loves them, nasty bugger.

  • My coffeepot died a few weeks ago, and I'd been struggling. Then Vegas, lousy coffee, distractions, no coffee. Yesterday I wanted a cup, and was on the phone with the Fat Lady talking about how I was all or nothing... I mentioned I missed the taste of coffee and she said well there's decaf. I said no, why drink it if you weren't gonna get the buzz? That that was half the fun. So I get off the phone and go into Dunkin' Donuts and get a medium Turbo Ice (has a shot of espresso), 3 sugars and cream... and got such a jolt my hands were jittery. Totally spaced me out. Maybe I've kicked the coffee habit...

  • Poppy got the official invite for the Anisfield-Wolf awards and the picture I took looks pretty good... a little flat cuz I'd toned down the contrast thinking in reproduction it might get contrasty... but oh well. It was the right picture. The press release is up but not the current winners list. But oh... I got a photo credit. Purty kewl...

  • I have work to do. I'm gonna try my damnedest to stay focused and do it. But it's a little hard right now.
That's all for now.

updated 11:57A

I forgot one thing...
  • I'm an honest chick and give props where props are due... and I don't think I can rightly call him TF right now cuz he's trying, and I'm trying, and for now there's peace. So until/unless something changes, from now on I'm going to refer to the Sun's Dad what he is, SD... SunsDad... He's due.


RoadGrl said…
I switched to decaf after yet another arrythmic episode (all related to dehydration mind you... mom was right, I need to drink "more fluids")... I'll go half-caf here and there, but I too get shaky hands which is no good in my business...
and congrats to Poppy, that is truly an amazing achievement! Good writing is a true art and not for the itinerant.
The Bear Maiden said…
Yeah, we're pretty proud of him :). And hey, DrD...welcome to blogworld!! How cool!

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