Thursday, September 1, 1977

Psalm 94

Got up early*.

Dressed. It rained. On the radio they were talking about a hurricane. Got the things in the train station on time. We've been on the train since 8:50. It's about 1:10PM now. Slept, then we ate. Looked out the window and did nothing. Talked to a pink 19yo girl named Betsy. The porter brought pillows and we went to sleep. Thank you, Mr. O, Thank You.
We ate:
  • Breakfast: Sunflower seeds, 1 doughnut, raisins.
  • Dinner: 2 donuts, potato chips, peanuts, red herring, tomato honey+curry sauce.
*First, the explanation (and I've been meaning to do this for a while, actually): "Got up early" meant somewhere before 7:30A, which was my normal wake-up time. But "Got up normal" didn't sound right so I used "medium", since it was between "early" and "late". "Late" was anything after 8A.

Secondly... those were strange days... those traveling days. We had never seen "white" (or "pink" as we called them) with any regularity in a really long time. In the Professor's case, EVER. They fascinated me. Poor Betsy. We must have talked her ear off, and I remember asking her all kinds of questions, but I don't remember any of her answers. I vaguely remember her having dark hair and wearing a choker. I wonder where she was going. And my baby Sis... she looked so sad in this picture.

The train left Miami and traveled up the midwest to Chicago. I do remember loving Kentucky the most; the grass was SO green and moist, and there were horses everywhere. But it was all very very foreign.


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