And Now, Back To Our Story...

The story so far... The Fam and I left Jamaica on August 31, 1977. We landed in Miami, and the following morning got on a train and went to Chicago, where my mother's people were from. We weren't warmly received... The grandparents and Poppy got into an argument, mainly because Grandma didn't want us to stay with *her* friend. So Grandpa put us up in the Zanzibar Motel where we cold food and watched color TV for two weeks, acclimating to the new environment. If you're new to this blog and want to know the rest of the story, click the tag on the right that says "Living La Vida Low Budget" or "1977".

Wednesday, September 14, 1977
Psalm 108

Got up medium. Dressed. Waited for Pop. Then all four of us went to Sears after going to the bank (the bank was closed). Came back. Went to another bank. I let Pop $241. Went to Sears. Got Mom and Pop shoes. I gave T. 12c. Went to A&P. Came back. Rested Ate. Watched TV. Ate supper, after putting on pj's. Went to bed. Watched a little boxing. Saw M. Ali. He's funny. Thanks, Mr. O.

Thursday, September 15, 1977
Psalm 109

Got up medium. Showered. Dressed. Talked. Had school. Ate, rested. Watched TV. Rested. In the evening, Mom , T and I went to A&P. Came back. Put on pj's. Ate supper. Watched TV, went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O.

Friday, September 16, 1977
We get our luggage
Psalm 110

Got up medium. Dressed. 12+12 warm-ups. Watched a TV show, looked over our diaries. Talked to a little girl named Roshea. She was 13. Watched TV, then went to A&P. Came back. Ate Rested. All four of us went to Mrs. Ming's house to get our things. Met my cousin George Marshall. Came back. Put on PJs. Watched TV. Pops got tacos. Went to bed. Thank you Mr. O.

Ah. Notice how "Aunt Irvena" became "Mrs. Ming".

Saturday, September 17, 1977
Psalm 111

Got up medium. Showered. Dressed. Had Sabbath School. Watched TV. Ate. Rested. Watched T. Rested. Put our pj's. Pops got supper - Tacos (without cheese) went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, Thank you.

Sunday, September 18, 1977
Psalm 112

Got up medium. Dressed. All four of us went to A&P. Came back. Watched TV. Ate lunch. Rested. Had a fight. Ended in our going to bed at 6 o'Clock. But we still--Pop let us see "The Six Million Dollar Man." Went to sleep.

Thank you, Mr. O, thank you.

And the weekly summary said:

A good week. We got a call from Aunt Sinah. She seems nice.

Aunt Sinah was my father's half-sister in New York. She was 21 years older than he was, having been the product my Grandfather W's first marriage.


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