Monday, September 26, 1977

Psalm 119

Got up medium. Dressed. Me, Mom T. went to the store. Found a health food store. Came back. Ate. Rested. Watched TV. Put on pjs. Went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O.

The health food store was called "Panacea." I still have the business card... it's the bookmark I use to keep my place in the diary.

I have many happy memories of Panacea, and ever since then, even though I don't frequent healthfood stores all that much... I have a fondness for them--the smell, for one. The old-fashioned ones have that "vitamin" smell.

I think in an odd sort of way, the healthfood store was comfortable and familiar, because of the backpack we'd found in Jamaica right before we left. The backpack had contained several books dealing with healthy foods and herbs, things I had never heard of before. But in the healthfood store, they had all those odd things, like sassafras root and goldenseal.

The psalm for the day, 119, is the longest in the book of Psalms. We used to dread when it came up on a Saturday, the Sabbath, cuz it meant we had to sit through the whole thing...


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