"Stop All This White On White Violence"

I cannot begin to tell you how this entertains me....

Compliments of MSN.com: "Kid Rock Knuckles Up Tommy Lee at VMAs"

Maybe cuz I get a kick out of the antics of PWT (Poor White Trash) when they "make good." Folks are always so happy to point out the antics of the Homies and Hoes.... it's nice to laugh at the other side.

Maybe it's cuz I loved Motley Crue back in the day... the epitome of sex, drugs, rock and roll.

Maybe it's cuz I loved watching the marriage of Tommy Lee and Pam... as skanky as they are, the family was so wholesome in a skanky sort of way.

Maybe it's cuz I love Kid Rock... the Ultimate Skank with his midget-featuring rap show.

Maybe cuz it's I LOVED that she left the famously endowed Tommy Lee for skanky Kid Rock. And had a skanky second wedding (white bikini! sheesh!) which promptly went Kaput!

Maybe cuz it's always great to see a Love Triangle.

Personally, I'm rootin' for Tommy Lee...


MTV apparently has video....


RHIA said…
No question! GO TOMMY!! :-D


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