Dude! Are You Out There, Snooping???

(This one's for you, Boss....)

Bigbird resigned today. Well, yesterday, seeing as it's 3AM now. (I'm not sleeping again but that's another post.)

Well, at least I'm fairly certain she resigned... Co-Worker called me on my cell from the staircase or something, to tell me BigBird had told her. And then there was lots of shutting of doors.

So... to tally:

(1) BK had fired a pressperson early in the game, causing
(2) a second pressperson to quit.
(3) Then, the first webteam leader (who I swear was passing for white/denying her darker roots) quit.
(4) The gentle writer who sat in a cube next door to me quit and finally,
(5) Co-Worker quit.

This is all in the mere 6 months I've been there. Now, BK has hired replacements for the two presspeople, and the webteam leader, and an assistant for herself. But the rumor is that BK is firing her new assistant on Friday, when she makes 3 months. But hmmm, I wonder if she'll fire her now that Big Bird has quit.

There was also a rumor circulating today that BK, a PhD in psychology, once broke up a marriage to see if she could do it. HA HA! I can devise devious plots... but I never execute. Well, not anymore. That's pure evil, right there, to break up a marriage just because.

The other morning the office manager, who's NOT EXACTLY someone I trust, though I like her well enough, told me how she didn't like being BK's bitch when BK didn't have an assistant, and when BK decided she didn't like her new assistant, began pulling the office manager into her clutches. OfficeMgr says that if BK fires her assistant, and wants OfficeMgr to come do her bidding, OfficeMgr will quit. She also encouraged me to go down to Labor Relations and complain. Not that they've done a damn thing about it except file it...

BigBird quitting is a pretty big deal... she's the editor of our little newsletter. Shit should probably hit the fan.... cuz the little newsletter is BK's pride and joy. As opposed to all of the other things she could be paying attention to.

It's a veritable Soap Opera in here... only without the sex. As far as I know, nobody's really doing anybody... ok, maybe one or two but they're not high up on the food chain so it doesn't really count....


professor said…
wow...you have to stay just to see how it shakes out...
Nina said…
Yeah, but only if you promise not to kill anyone. ;)

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