Sunday, September 25, 1977

Psalm 118

Got up medium. Dressed. We went to Aunt Francises house. We met 3 mulatto kids. They were nice because they had hardly any money.

The weekly summary merely said:

A good week. Saw our grandfather.

I don't think we were at Aunt Francis's house. I think I got the names confused. I think the person we went to visit was my Aunt's friend Ellen, who lived in an old Tudor in New Rochelle. Her son, who I'm pretty certain was dead (have to check the fact when Bigbear is awake) had married a French woman, and the kids I mentioned were Ellen's grandkids. They *were* nice... and they *didn't* have a lot of money. But now that I'm older I don't think one had anything to do with the other....


Jacqueline said…
I had to respond to your comments on Heroes... I loved it too. I sat glued to the TV. I love Hiro - don't love his hero - upset that Hiro's father was killed [I assume...] {I just love "Mr. Sulu!"}. I don't think Molly hears Sylar. Do you remember last year when they tried to get her to locate the one she is afraid of (this voice...) and she either said it wasn't Sylar or it was someone different from Sylar and/or she could pinpoint where Sylar was but not this other one as this other one was "way stronger" than Sylar. Do you remember that episode? Nathan blew up! But how'd he get healed? and what is his mother's power? I'm thrilled Peter is back. Love Milo Ventimiglia! And how did that guy know Claire has powers? And I love Mohinder!!!!! Man oh man. I've decided to keep the countdown thingy on my blog because now it counts down to the "next episode". thanks for letting me share my thoughts on this show!!! And tonight... is another favorite: The Unit on CBS at 9AM.
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL! You're right... it isn't Sylar. And didn't you see the last couple of minutes when Claire was talking to Nathan? The new boy can FLY!!!!! "Takes One to Know One."

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