I haven't actually "Posted" Posted in a bit....

cuz Real Life has been happening all of a sudden. I picked up a few freelance gigs, like back-to-back, and the Job has been sending me and my camera out on photo shoots around the hospital. Which is awesome, cuz it gets me out of the Hellhole.

This thing is going to implode, soon. Boss is a lame (sitting) duck, and Co-Worker is Done. Toast. Her departure is imminent, even without a new job. And me... if she leaves, and I get to deal with The Others on a regular, it's not going to be pretty. I already had a mild run-in with BigBird last Wednesday or so, because she was annoyed I needed 5 minutes to upload and email some pictures to someone (work related).... I was "needed" to work on the (way late) newsletter--HER project, and she was annoyed that someone else had asked me for something. I could have let the situation slide and been nice, but I opted not to. The way things work around here is that the best Defense is a Strong Quick Offense. Sometimes, it's useful to play the "Scary Black Bitch" card. Although that annoys me, because this place in particular, I haven't felt the need to really defend anything. I simply don't care enough about it. Consequently I really haven't felt like I *needed* to be the Scary Black Bitch. If they fired me, they'd be doing me a favor. But I don't think they want to fire anyone... because the Big Kahuna has had several complaints filed against her.

But this is a Union Shop, and even Non-Union departments operate just like Unioned ones. They won't even fire Boss... though he sits in his office and twiddles his thumbs all day, poor dude.

This place sucks... if I were more concerned/had been her longer/had more to protect, I'd really care. But all I really care about is "a lil change in ma pocket going 'jingalingaling'." It's an interesting feeling... to not care about something.

But I DO care about my Sun.

I don't think I even posted that the Sun got his orange belt in Shindu Ryo. He was beside himself with pride, and his Senseis were all proud of him. He's very good at the katas... very "crisp" and precise for an 8YO. Here he is after the promotions:

And here he is with his very proud Senseis. The one in black, Shihan, is the BigKahuna of the schools system, the second in command, he said. Really nice, positive man. The Sensei in red the Professor (who I dragged with me... for the car ride but also for the company) nicknamed him "Scary Sensei." He *exuded* "chi". They all did, actually. I went to take a picture of them by themselves later, and got all discombobulated. The picture came out blurry. Or maybe it was just all that testosterone "chi".

Then, two days later, as I briefly mentioned the Moon broke and dislocated his wrist the night before school started... Labor Day. He was riding that two-wheeled skateboard thingie, without wrist guards. The Sun was outside with him, but didn't see him fall. But the Moon cried, which is not something he does with any frequency (whereas the Sun will screech and/or bawl at the drop of a hat, if it gets him his way) so this completely flipped the Sun out. It was kinda cute, actually, to see his deep concern for his friend. He wouldn't go to sleep until he knew what the Moon's status was... a cast up past his elbow for 6 weeks.

The next day, though, the Moon started school at the Sun's school... and the Sun is thrilled beyond words. And the Moon seems like he's adjusting and enjoying. I have felt strongly for a long time that the Moon would benefit from the environment in the Sun's school. It's a very "touchy-feely" progressive atmosphere. The added benefit to me is that the Sun, who like his Mama is NOT a morning person, has been consistently getting up without too much of a fuss, and getting dressed so he can commute to school with his friend. And I have some support in the "picking the kid up" area.

Other little things I need to post/ruminate about, like reconnecting with a whole bunch of people from High School. Other people hate their High School experiences, but mine was a blast and it was sure nice to be in touch with people as weird and off-center as I am. And the Voices haven't been screaming but we've had some interesting observations about life. But that will come...

And Sugarcubes are awfully sweet though not terribly good for you. Or maybe they are....


Ros said…
Sugarcubes are probably okay for you in moderation. Just don't end up like me, having revenge fantasies that involve weaponry whose recoil would knock me on my ass.
RHIA said…
Congratulations to the Sun!! Well done!! :-)
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL Ros. Yeah, I'm keeping that heart-thingie all locked up in it's little cage... though it really wants to come out. But it wants to come out because hummingbirds should be free... not necessarily because of the sugar. KWIM?
Nina said…
Hurrah for the Sun, good work! Let's hear it for a room full of (mature) chi/t. I have a houseload of it, but it's not mature enough! Nor the right kind if it were. ;) oh, brother!

I like that about hummingbirds. So true.

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