A "Beef"....

People are real quick to point out the "ghetto"... the garbage on the streets, run down buildings, stuff like that. I get annoyed by that, because collecting garbage is City function. Meaning... on The Rock, which is NOT the ghetto, Sanitation comes by two or three times a week and empties our fancy streetcorner cans. On 'Two-Five, those cans can be filled to overflowing.

On the Rock, you get ticketed if your garbage isn't properly sorted and placed on the curb on garbage day.

In the 'hood... even if the building is ticketed, even if the garbage sits out for days and days, if the building management doesn't clearly mark the designated garbage areas and /or doesn't send the fucking super to come put the garbage out, like in my mother's building, all that happens is the garbage piles up and gets funkier and funkier, the rats start living in it, and you can place a million calls to 3-1-1, and it will STILL sit there. But it's the tenants fault. The fault of the people in the hood.

The Doe Fund
has been downtown for years, street sweeping and maintaining garbage cans, but it was only until I started seeing young white man carrying Fairway shopping bags home to their families on Third Avenue and 116th street, or the Nanny Brigade invade Marcus Garvey Park, that I started seeing the Doe Fund workers on 'Two Five.

But whatever.

For the most part, people who were fortunate enough to own their own place in Harlem kept it clean, and I can attest that my "Uncly," my mother's building super until he was unceremoniously dumped by building management two years ago (with no explanation and no reason for it) took great pride in spotless hallways and well-contained and disposed of garbage.

But I can tell you one thing I DON'T see in the 'hood. And what I see a disgusting amount of, the minute I cross 97th street into the Upper East Side... dogshit smears on the sidewalk.

I don't get it. CURB YOUR FUCKING DOG!!!! That means, take your overbred, stroller-riding spoiled brat of a pet over to the fucking curb, and let the dog poop there. IN THE STREET. Yes... you pick it up. But you don't CLEAN IT UP. Consequently, on my way to or from work, or to or from lunch, I am constantly dodging shit stains. The fancy building supers come out in the morning and hose down the sidewalks... but by 10A there's already shit stains everywhere and by the time I go home, it's like a fucking minefield.

DON'T let Elliot the poodle squat in the middle of the sidewalk and piss or shit. Take the dog to the curb!!!!



Ginger said…
Hell, they don't even pick it up in my development. The kids' can't play on the green anymore because there's too much dogshit. H and I started confronting people, and H almost got into a fist fight. The guy was too lazy to pick up his dog's shit but was not too lazy for a fight? WTF? I actually complimented a guy today who was scooping. I felt kind of dumb but it was so GREAT to see somwhere do it.

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