The Show Must Go On...

Took a break from posting La Vida Low Budget, because the 2007 version suddenly got very full, and nothing much was happening in 1977 anyway. Last seen, The Fam was stalled in a semi-seedy motel room in Chicago, eating canned beans and sardines and iceberg lettuce (though I wasn't writing about the food), and watching lots and lots of color television. I suppose that God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us those two weeks or so bring ourselves up to speed on the current culture. We were truly alien to it, and had we not had those two weeks we would have gotten to New York a hell of a lot rougher and more country. Like aliens, we sat in front of the large TV for two weeks, watching news, Quarter Horse races, Laurel and Hardy, The Lone Ranger, commercials and sit coms, absorbing dress styles and culture.

And now, back to our show.

Sunday, September 11, 1977
Psalm 105

Got up early. Washered, dressed. (A washer is a cross between a shower, and a wash-up.) Just hung around. Pops went out. We (Mom, T. & me) talked. Pops came back. Watched "The Lone Ranger" on TV. Then T., Pop & I went for a walk while the helper vacuumed the carpet, after we came back, all four of us went around the block. Came back. Watched TV. Ate. Put on pj's after "Six Million Dollar Man." Went to bed. Thank you.

There was no weekly summary. Just a drawing of a racehorse I named "Hot Line" after a horse I remembered from Jamaica. I was still dividing the page to make room for the food notes, but instead of filling it in, at the top of the reserved area, I simply wrote "salad". So I'm guessing that's what I ate.

Monday, September 12, 1977
Psalm 106

Got up medium. Dressed. Had School. Pops went out. Pops came back just as we finished school. It rained all day today. Ate lunch. Rested. Got up. Watched TV. Ate supper. Put on pj's. Watched TV. Pops went to get a snack. He came back. Ate again. Went to bed. Thank You, Mr. O, Thanks.

Tuesday, September 13, 1977
Psalm 107

Got up medium. Dressed. Had school. Pops went to the office. Finished school. Ate lunch. Rested. Watched TV. All four of us went to A&P. and shopped. Watched TV. Ate supper. going to put on pjs, and go to bed.
Thank You, Mr. O, Thank you.

A few years ago, when the Einstein exhibit was in the Big Apple at the Museum of Natural History, I went to see it with a Pratt Classmate I shall refer to as "Fluffernutter." At the time, I had a massive crush on the kid, but nothing ever came of it. I thought he was too young for me. And he was... but he was still older than some others...


I have often marveled at the concept of time. I once had a vision of myself through the lens of time... it was sort of like looking at a picture of myself, with another picture of myself in the same pose superimposed on the first one, slightly larger, with another picture of myself in the same pose superimposed on the second one... etc. Obviously, my vision of time was no where near as deep or profound or world-changing as Einstein's. And standing there, reading about his theory of relativity, I again wondered at the concept.

It's amazing to realize that 30 years ago, on September 11, nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. We "just hung around," and walked around the block, and watched TV, trying to acclimate ourselves to a foreign land.

This past week, 30 years later, on September 11, nothing much happened. It rained all day--the first day it's rained ON September 11 in over 6 years. I mostly stayed away from TV news, from the newspapers, only catching a small segment later on in the evening.

But six years ago, this past Tuesday was a terrible day. It's still a raw, terrible day, even with the haze of time. I still remember the fear, the extreme sadness, the worry. The perfect, clear, blue sky, the quiet later in the evening. I didn't lose anyone close to me that day, though I lost a few people I knew in passing... and I thank God for that. But hundreds of others did. I don't think that time will ever give them the closure they so desperately need

In previous years, I've prayed for the souls of the deceased. This year I prayed for those that were left behind. I pray they find solace, and peace.


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