Writing Every Day is Interesting

because it gets to be work. Like today I'm tired, it's late--really late--but I said I'd post every day for a month and I will.

Last time I tried this it was with drawing, and it was much harder than this and I failed. But I think I realized that part of it was not having anything to say artistically--or rather thinking that I didn't. Whereas, I can always think of something to write, even if it's just random spewing.

So maybe next month I'll either post a photo, or a drawing a day. Hmmmmm.....

I also remember what my father used to tell me about writing in my diary every day: to write what you did, not what you felt. If you write what you did, it will spark the memory of the feeling of what you did. But if you just write the feeling, you may not remember what sparked it.

Which is why often this month I found myself just writing what I did.

Like today was the first day of the Sun's violin camp. We actually got down there early, despite my one hour of sleep.

His first class--an old time fiddle class was fun, and he enjoyed it. The second class--a waste. But the third was fabulous, and the Sun, some Opus classmates and myself became aware of the amazing presence of one DBR. A simply phenomenally talented, energetic, intelligent, and literate (and kinda hawt, too) man, in two hours he gave the Sun back the joy of the violin, teaching the class how to make amazing sounds from the instrument, often doing all those things the Suzuki method teaches them NOT to do; playing close to the bridge, hitting the strings with the bow...

The Sun smiled practically through the whole session, and came out looking like a musician. SD picked us up and I enjoyed seeing the Sun trying to explain what he learned. And I saw that SD is going to have to really learn all about the Sun's world.

The Sun went off to spend the night with his dad... and I came home. Sucked coming home to nothing--it always does--but eh. The cheesy egg grits I made were great and I didn't have to share the smoked herring.


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