The more I do...

the less I get done.

About a weeks worth of sleeplessness has caught up to me. For some reason my allergies have been kicking my ass today, and all I seem to have accomplished is laundry and a silkscreen machine for me and the Cricket's project, and the dishes. And the Cricket was already stressing about what putting money into the machine. I guess in case he wants out. I told him if the partnership doesn't work and he wants out, just buy they machine outright. Cuz what the hell am I gonna do with it? Where would I put it? Where is HE gonna put it, is the question, but whatever. Just print my damn shirts. The thing is now the project has an asset. If he believed it, this thing could fly.

The deck looks really nice, though and it's a pleasure to sit out there. Now I just have to get the damn barbecue built.

Oh, and Cricket's friend who is also his (girl?)friend's ex asked CNC out. Which is really nice for her... I happen to like the guy, particularly since I'm not overly crazy about his ex for various reasons.

I should go to bed tonight... but I probably won't.

Here's another video taken on my sucky Treo of the Sun practicing "Minuet 2"...


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