uh, did I mention I was obsessive?

I am, in case you didn't know. And I signed up to post every day. Now, "day" is a technicality, since my day ends whenever it is I pass out.

And while "technically" it's Saturday and I missed Friday, I haven't been to sleep yet so for me, uh, it's Friday night. So I'm back timing it to reflect the right date.

Really, it's Saturday morning.

Yesterday, in my world was Day of Atonement, since my family follows Kosher rules but never converted to the Jewish Calendar. So I fasted all day.

We went to see "Ice Age" with UN (funny) and then she took me and the Sun to Home Depot to buy more flowers (she's just way to generous). When we came home, I planted and cleaned some more of the deck and made a "zen" corner for the old Buddha.

Then I got dressed and headed into the City with CNC and the Sun (who I dropped off with his Nana), and went to see cousin Son of Sound dj at Bar13.

NONE of the men I would have liked to have seen show up showed up, but my crazy-ass girlfriend did... it was her birthday. We had a blast. She's insane. Professor is appalled by her lifestyle but to me she's vastly entertaining.

Cousin killed it. I took pictures.

Came home. Only the Rock serves alcohol at 5 in the morning, so of course we had to have some.

Cricket text ed me earlier, which was nice: he knew I was giving Cuz a shirt. Would have been nice of him to show but I guess all that is a wrap.

The Scrub texted me later in the night. Would have been nice of HIM to show, but I guess all that is a wrap.

So I'll go to bed... more tomorrow...


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