Almost Over

....this writing every day thing.

It's quite a commitment. But I am learning some interesting things. Like there's stuff I want to write but it take more than a day to clarify it in my head... and then I get tired and realize I just have to write SOMETHING but I don't have the wherewithal to go in depth.

Today was an interesting day. I spent the day with the Sun in String Camp. First off... it's been an amazing opportunity, and there are some incredible artists in in the world. I am so very grateful the Sun got this opportunity. He really has gotten a lot out of it. Some folk who have made a positive impression on him and made him stretch--yet smile-- are Bruce Molsky, Shane Cook and DBR.

And I got a lot out of DBR. He's got some interesting theories on musical notations, which reminded me an awful lot of a drawing class I took. It's something I want to write about but will probably go up on the project blog.

Speaking of the project: It's taken me some time to digest my disappointment in the Cricket... to discover he's not quite as fabulous as I would have liked him to be. Creatively, and inspirationally, he is. And I miss the buzz. But a phrase popped into my head from a favorite song of mine: "I thought he was a man but he was just a little boy..." I wonder what's going to happen to the project--except it has to happen. I need it to progress a little further. But then I'm going to have to make some decisions. They may be bitchy ones.

I came home to a letter from the landlord indicating the building is up for sale.

this does NOT bode well for me AT ALL....


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