Racism Will Never Die...

I said this to someone on FB... white dude, and he came back with some crap about how that's such a fatalistic view and at least he doesn't blablahblah. Something indicating he was better than me and more forgiving or something. I stopped responding to him; refused to acknowledge any of his comments. Anything I said was going to add to his fire. All this was in response to a blogpost I shared, dissecting the Skip Gates thing.

I haven't written about racism lately, or race, or heritage cuz I got a little sick of it. I go through phases in my life where I just refuse to acknowledge it, and live in my own little la-la world--a trait I've inherited from my mother. She's great at creating her own world and sticking to it.

But lately, I've noticed a disturbing trend. I knew the Gollums would hiss and slither once Obama got to be President, but I admit I was kinda hoping they'd crawl back under their rocks and sulk.

No such luck. Like slugs after the rain, they are all over the place, fat nasty slithering little things that congregate in odd places like YouTube or in the comments section after a post on the New York Times Online website.

Some of the comments I ran across in response to Sotomayor confirmation hearings were appalling.

And I want to delve into it more, formulate more thoughts but it's oh so tiring...


Take your time. I do this every day and it takes an awful lot of energy.
Rachel said…
You're dealing better than I do. I look, start to feel depressed, and switch to something mindless.

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