and the point of the last post was....

...a preface to the current re-affirmation to myself:

I will live my life wholeheartedly. To the best of my ability. That includes feeling and loving and supporting, or crying, or hoping.

And I'm not going to be a "hater".

That doesn't make me a sucker, or a martyr... and I will not tolerate being taken for granted. I will give what I give wholeheartedly, even if it means I hurt afterwards. Even if it gives the dishonest a chance to take without giving back. Cuz once I find out, once I pull it back you won't get it again. I do have limits... I do get tipped past the edge and when I do you can't bring me back.

But I'm not going to stop giving, and I won't stop believing, and I won't stop being hopeful. Because if I do, what then?

I will continue to be positive, to be encouraging, to think about things from another person's point of view BEFORE I trash them, badtalk them, dismiss them.

Because there are always several ways to look at something. The Family Court system has a mantra that there are three versions of the truth; yours, theirs, and what is. Six years of family court rubbed off on my everyday life, and it something I think about often.

It bothers me that folk are soooo quick to tear someone down... the Internet is full of bloggers trying to be journalists or critics, and really all they do is bash. Bash without provocation, bash to provoke, bash because they can, bash without understanding, bash without being constructive.

And that culture has spread to everyone.

But I'm not going to assimilate that.

If I have something to say about someone, I'll make sure till I get the facts. Make sure I understand what they were trying to do or say, and then decide how I feel about it.

I do that anyway... but today I re-affirm and recommit to that...


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