Wednesday, November 9, 1977

Psalm 13
Day 29

Got up medium. Dressed. Went out. Went to Marcus Garvey Park. Went on a high swing. Went to Daitch Shopwell, looked in store windows, went to a brown health food store and an antique+thrift shop. Came back. Ate dinner. Aunt Sinah had said she might come, but she didn't. So we ate dessert. Mom + Pop fussed. The made up. Went to bag, after pj's. Thank you, Mr. O.

We ate:
  • Breakfast: peanuts, 1 banana, 2 "honees" candy, 1 mintcovered chocolate
  • Dinner: grits, snapbeans+eggs+chile, + sweet potato, 1 green banana, tomato+cabbage+carrot
  • Dessert: nuts, 1/2 pear
Our experience with Health Food and Health Food stores had been all "pink people", probably mostly because we had been downtown, so a "brown" healthfood store was an interesting concept to me. If I'm remembering right, this one was on 'Two-Five between 5th and Lenox but practically near the corner of Lenox. I always liked health food stores back then; the patrons were usually very friendly and "communal" feeling. Now, they're just "trendy".


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